5th Anniversary Pulls! Cleome & Akstar, Sol & Dark Fina Summons Final Fantasy Brave Exvius JP FFBE





This video contains pulls for the story event banner for the duo units of Sol & Dark Fina as well as Akstar & Cleome! Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Deus Gaming より:

    I wish luck on whoever is reading this.

  2. Patrick Beavers より:

    #livestream bois

  3. Derek Kellems より:

    You have ridiculous luck Man. The KH pulls and now this. Congrats

  4. Banana Toto より:

    I have predicted the pull I’m God Himself. Co’gratz on the pull my boiiii btw #WitchLuck #BananaPower

  5. Eileen より:

    Cant wait to see Cleome & Akstar showcase!

    I wonder if they has CG.. wanna see it..

  6. Khan より:

    #witchluck #bananapower #luckwitch #bananatoto #darkthunderbud

  7. Ash Williams より:

    Ding Dong, The Cleome Bitch’s Dead. xD

  8. Claritywindow 2k より:

    I am so glad I’m no longer the Arch Witch. XD I have to do some lapis farming on jp. Real life and Genshin Impact call my time though. Lol. #WitchLuck #BananaPower

  9. 95VR407FA5 より:

    Well short video means awesome luck

  10. Armando Briano より:


  11. not sant より:

    nice to see some great luck for once on your end!! hope to see a showcase for these two in the future ^^

  12. Manu より:

    Congrats! U got both!

  13. Danny Ong より:

    Congratulations! Wow awesome luck there

  14. Nicholas Frahm より:

    Have a question for everyone: is anyone else’s Starlight Elena regenerating a couple million HP plus in the Leviathan event? Haven’t really seen it happen in other quests.

  15. Brandon Butz より:

    im frist heart me please and is the self chaing good thing or is it a flop and great video like always