[FFBE] How much lapis and tickets will it take?! Pulling for Starlight Elena






NV Starlight Elena is finally here! We have all been highly anticipating for months to pull on her banner, let’s see if we can both get her! Good luck everyone on your summons and hope you guys enjoy this hype video.

Thank you all for the support and comments. We look forward to seeing you in our next video 🙂 !

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  1. Connor Putnam より:

    I got trolled by this banner, 40k lapis 55 tickets and not even one NV off banner or otherwise. That kinda crushed my week I only got one Loren too. But I’m glad somebody got Elena!

  2. Dazhan Dunn より:

    i got her on my free pull

  3. Slayer Legion より:

    Got her second pull! Epic video 🙂

  4. EugenioAranha より:

    This time I got an Aerith (its EX1 now) and one Elena (I’ve spent all my resoucers and got none, and them got her on a rare ticket haha), sadly I dont have cactuars enough to lvl up her ahahha but next week she will be Ex1 and lvl 120 haha (I’ll buy the shards bundle), also I got a bunch of new stmrs on this banner, congrats for you rain pat haha he its a really nice support dps :P, btw yep, its only 20 loren and 30 elena shards haha

    Congratulations for andiee haha even she its not the best for DV she do lots of damage! Its really nice!

    Personally I wont do the NV step up, since the only nv I want now its yoshi, and I already have rain and cloud ex2, so its gonna be only disappointment if I get any of these 😛 (and aerith stmr its not really good)

  5. KyoAlexiel より:

    @DimpleFam btw you spent less then 15k the multi’s are 4.5k per summon this week and not the usual 5k summon.. but knowing that might tempt you to pull more huh?

  6. Daima より:

    What happened to you ? Why is he on the left ? Why is she on the right? What is that madness ?

  7. OhNose NotAgain より:

    Poor Pat! sorry for your luck…I did not get her either 🙁
    Congrats Andie!!! you have awesome luck, I saw the sadness in your eyes and was wishing for the red crystal for you!!
    Anddddddddddd Bubbles!!! Cmere you can sleep on my lap… Bubbles be like “cmon guys lemme sleep..i am sleeeepiesssssss -.-“

  8. KyoAlexiel より:

    I got Elena on the free weekly 11 pull I got pretty lucky!

  9. Grymm Reaper より:

    I spent over 50,000 and no neo whatsoever. All garbage of the rainbows, and no stmr units from the rainbow.

  10. Ash Williams より:

    Citra&Folka DO Become NVA.

  11. Alexander D より:

    Congratulations Andiee…. I also got my elena using lapis 3+1 free 2 NV elena plus 1 more NV cloud…. No Loren but did manage to get here using tickets pull…. Bro Don’t give up you can pull her soon

  12. Ash Williams より:

    Tell You What… Thank God, I Spent All Of The Lapis On Akstar. This Here, Is Where The Game Throws A Bad Luck At Me.

    But I’m Staying Away From Elena. FAR Away. But Great Vid. I Have An Idea. How About, Review Units First, Then Go For The Pulls, In Case You Miss The News. 🙂

  13. moralindigantion より:

    It’s not your luck. Its the rates for NV units and the fact that there is no way to guarantee a copy of NV unit. I’ve seen people spend 70k and not see 1 NV unit and even less that that are on banner.

  14. ryan singh より:

    Congrats you guys!! You got her!! Though I have to say you may as well get her fragment bundle as well and ex 1 her which reminds me YES I got her too but it took 6 NV/5 star tickets and lowered my lapis from 81k to 23k…KH3 SAVING TIME!! Also have fun with her you guys she’s fun to use!! 🙂

  15. Karl Gomez より:

    I got 1 elena on my 1 4,500 lapis pull. I’m glad gumi heared my late bday gift but I’m hoping to get 1 more through ticket, I don’t want to spend my only 5k lapis remaining.

  16. Ozzy Gaming より:

    i watched the whole video on 2x speed. Im glad I did

  17. Axel Leonis より:

    I should be doing more chocobo slots for tickets

  18. Axel Leonis より:

    I got no NV at all with the banner summons

  19. Axel Leonis より:

    I didn’t get Elena but I got her bundle anyway

  20. Axel Leonis より:

    Waiting on Esther and Sylvie nva

  21. Dark Phoenix 369 より:

    Congrats on the Elena!

    I did end up pulling and i got one copy on my 2nd multi but i was ready to throw down 30k lapis so i went farther and got 3 copies so now i have her at EX +2 and her STMR 😀

    Now the hoard for Summer Fina & Daisy begins

  22. Axel Leonis より:

    30 nv Elena and 20 Loren shards

  23. NeoZero Destiny より:

    I got Her on the free Week summon :’D

  24. Ryan Dukes より:

    Gratz on the elena pull
    Nvs for you both!
    I went in 15k (13.5k whatever it is for 3 pulls and the free one ) got 1 copy of elena used my last bit of lapis on her shards so got my elena to nv+1 and I’m done out and happy a little miffed I didn’t get the loren I needed to nv+1 her but I’m sure I’ll get her eventually
    If you guys want an elena friend for the foreseeable future let me know and I’ll post my FC

  25. RadiantBeing より:

    I got NV Cloud from an EX. In the 10+1 screen, the rainbows used to be redder. They changed it to a brighter rainbow earlier this year after NV was announced on JP. Apparently, they forgot to change the cracked rainbows to the new, brighter version.

  26. Kevin Dominguez より:

    Didn’t get her with 60K lapis unfortunately but did get 2 Loren so it is what it is

  27. Omar Torres より:

    She is reaaaalllly squishy in BS from, kinda in regular form. Like i have her at 3.4k atk/mag and she doesnt even have 10k hp fully potted (no doors).

  28. Luis Alberto Morales Tueme より:

    I got her on my second regular ticket, I bought the fragments and now I can keep hoarding my lapis for KH3

  29. Joseph Espinoza より:

    Congratulations for your Elena! I spend all my lapis (55k) but i got one of her

  30. MasoMink より:

    I thought you guys would go Broke for NV Elena. haha
    Andy got Triple upgraded, Cheer! Elena

  31. McFluffin より:

    I got 4 Elenas in 4 pulls 😀

  32. Andreas Larsson より:

    Also remember , this new version of Elena dont acculy need her own TM/stmr to activate her trust passive, gumi acculy made so she can activate her trust passive with old Elenas tm/stmr..
    just wanted to let u know

  33. Vee Clash より:

    Congrats Andi! I got an NV on the weekly free pull but it was… this guy: https://i.imgur.com/eR19wpR.jpeg Thanks for letting me know about the Monday banner. I’ll be saving for then!

  34. Leooo より:

    Congratulations Andiee on pulling Elena. Took me 60k lapis to finally get her plus another pull for a second copy and Loren. Don’t worry Pat you’ll get her at least she’s not a limited time unit.

  35. Mamo Gregory Rivera より:

    18k & nothing..

  36. tukace135 より:

    Took me 1 4500 pull to get elena Loren and hollowed Charlotte

  37. Juan Paolo Dela Peña より:

    Yoo i got her on my first 4.5k i guess my lapis sits with me a bit more

  38. DQ より:

    I’m happy it took me 70 regular tickets to get my first neo vision!

    I have 206k lapis and 150 tickets left!

  39. Willie King より:

    I had super ultra birthday luck 2 Elenas on my free multi..and 2 more from tickets

  40. oct91988 より:

    CONGRATS ON ELENA !!!!! BTW yeah i have gotten NV rain from those 5 NV tix so it works yes

  41. ndwong80 より:

    My pull is bad also spend all my ticket and ex nv ticket get none of her then I run 2 full round on the banner just to get 2pcs of her at the last free pull. Now I’m going to start saving again. No pulling untill ff6 banner. I want the new nv terra. I have like 146 ticket before. Now have nothing left. But at least I get 3 loren and 27 other rainbow. Have a bunch of stmr.

  42. Brandon Butz より:

    Glade you got elena im skiping and saving from one ex nv blue start at blue went to nv and it was cloud

  43. Andreas Larsson より:

    congrats on your Elena

  44. TheGold SwordGamer より:

    This is weird i came back playing a few weeks ago and this is my luck 20,000 lapis got me nv aerith and nv elena i had 2 random ex tickets and i got nv akstar and from a free weekly summon i got nv rain and nv cloud. i just came back i think went you start or come back after a while you have way better luck.

  45. No Dinner For Sinners より:

    SummerFolkrA and Citra have there neo visons also. And I’d save for FF6 characters , shadow, Edgar and monk sabin. Shadow and Edgar are really good . Edgar out does Tifa with his brake shift dragoon move if you have the equipment he will 1 shot almost everyone .

  46. No Dinner For Sinners より:

    I spent a ton of lapis for yoshikiri and I got nothing nada zero. But I spent 15k lapis and I got starlight elana and 15 rainbows but not one single Loren. I think they messed up her drop rate . I didn’t see anyone get her yet on this banner .

  47. Troy Soberano より:

    Burned all my lapis, and after the 5th summon, i got starlight elena!! But still need a 2nd copy tho haha BTW yeah i had 1 NV from the 5*/NV ticket, but just once. Also got a 2nd copy of yoshikiri from the daily 250 lapis and im happy lol