[FFBE] Neo Vision Shop/Event Update | Everything You Need To Do! | [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius





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FFBE Neo Visions HUGE Shop & Event Update with EVERYTHING you should do this week! From FREE NV EX+1 Tifa, KM Updates, Bonus Shops, and more! Don’t look over these rewards in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

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  1. arawn #1 より:

    3m gil for awakening 7stars is crazy nv are even way less gil

  2. MDRLOz より:

    Shinryu trial is not that bad anymore as you can bring your own unit if you scroll to the bottom of the friend list and select the option. Makes it much easier to have a full team to survive the preemptive attack.

  3. Gísli Þór Þorsteinsson より:

    so I have NV Cloud and Tifa, but still have a buncha those NV 5 star tickets…. should I be sitting on those for future banners or is there any benefit to pulling dupes?


    Spent all my tickets pulling for Cloud, didn’t want to spend my lapis as I was hoping to save for NV Elena. Gave the Cloud banner a shot, willing to do at least 15k and get that 4th for free. To my amazement, pulled Cloud on my first 5k. My son and I went berserk! I already had a Tifa, and used the even and the free one to awaken her to NV without spending any coins yet. Loving this event so far. Thanks for all your tips on the shops, keep rocking these videos. I was over the moon when I saw you on the livestream. I saw Claic there first…and then no more Youtubers that I knew….and then behold! The friendly face of Howl. Thanks for doing all you do.

  5. Oni Satsugai Sha より:

    i wasn’t pulling for NV cloud and i was saving all of my lapis for Starlight Elena but the devs said OH NO YOU DON’T ITS THE ANNIVERSARY AND YOUR GOING TO FEEL IT!!! *does weekly free pull rainbow breaks to RED!!! NV CLOUD:REMAKE APPEARS* damn devs another reason to whale again

  6. LiquidSharingan より:

    free 10+1 netted me a unit i could not give two shits about FF7r’s Cloud. i just didn’t care about him he wasn’t interesting to me. he is my favorite FF character i just couldn’t give a shit about getting him so whats the game gonna do? give him to me i know where this is going when i go to pull on NV elena….

  7. Audio Dream City より:

    Grind time! Here we go!

  8. Anthony Tabora より:

    Bought the transcension pearl bundle before I realized we get a free one for doing the event. Guess I’ve got an extra one lol.

  9. Ikie Bacchus より:

    Hey Howllzz, thanks for the good information. Also, you’re looking great in the video!

  10. André Sousa より:

    Literally a life saver when it comes to shop updates. Bless your soul!

  11. Prince Vegeta より:

    NV Tidus when. That’s all I’m sayin.

  12. Etienne Duret より:

    Great review of all the new things we need to do in the game ! Great work, love that the FFBE content got some refreshing feeling to it with that update the 4th anniversary is here atlast !

  13. UndeadEggmiester より:

    It’s nice that we no longer have to farm for the event character’s prism, 150k resources was insane to ask for.
    I still haven’t started this new and improved k ing mog event. But because I had a 7star tifa before this happened I was able to +1 her easily so she is all braved up. Unfortunately that VIP shop is useless for me because I refuse to put any money into a gumi game because I believe they don’t deserve getting paid for these halfass p2p games they make.

  14. zaku leonheart より:

    Great video, never been so early but love the work that you putt into this one. Cant wait for the next.

  15. Hugh Tube より:

    So glad I didn’t use my omniprism on Rab. Just bought his prism from the shop: voila! A dark and wind imbuer.

  16. Khang Kggbs より:

    I have three neon bro

  17. Red dlL より:

    Thanks so much in advance.

    One question: Is there a way to get the king mog rewards (like the prism for reaching 10k points) faster or something?
    The last events I only farmed until I got like 30k points and then stopped because it is so much farming that I didn’t even bother to get the equipment+.

  18. MegaKeikoku より:

    Yey! I got NeoVision ticket!

  19. Thomas Burton より:

    Don’t forget to check and level the brave abilities for both forms of a NV!

  20. Paul Hofreiter より:

    My luck has been awful getting Cloud…all of the free pulls, all tickets from the slots as well as my previous tickets (lost count, probably 60 or so tickets), 25k lapis and nothing. I got three Barretts…I wouldn’t have guessed that rainbows would be the troll where I roll my eyes seeing it like it used to be with golds. I know I should cut my losses (and I think I will with lapis, spending the equivalent of a step up and leaving empty handed feels terrible and reminds me of the bad early days of burning all resources only to get nothing) but I might still spend the tickets that come in…I don’t know but it’s disappointing.

  21. gary fung より:

    got my NV cloud from event only ticket rainbow break into NV

  22. Bizzy Bee より:

    Nice . I’m super happy 4 you. Your gonna be so busy with content this week

  23. Cypher2k99 より:

    I think someone needs to do a help guide on the daily quest tbh. I find a lot of people are struggling a bit with it tbh

  24. daniel duncan より:

    I’m getting destroyed on my pulls saved all of story 3 lapis for a rainy day so far I’m 40k no cloud Zenaida was the last of my rng

  25. eXoz より:

    you forgot that some CG units are now available in UoC not as prism but a unit itself…I think a lot of people can now pull the Paladin Cecil which is a very powerful tank

  26. J J より:

    Reno with 100% dodge/70% draw attack using his Limit burts even at 5* on the daily bonus challange helps a lot. He still takes a few hits from the cyclone attacks. and the last boss. But he has breaks/His limit burst is a bigger break. It helps quite a bit in the challange. Can do without dodge/draw attack. Just find its easier to keep people healed etc.

  27. Rob K. より:

    I fucked Up big time, bought the wrong stuff didnt do the math etc.
    Still got my tifa nv 3* , now i am Farming the Mats for the abilities.
    Listen to the man people and dont waste your resources.
    Stay Safe people

  28. Thomas Wu より:

    I got 3x nv cloud. What should i do with the dup?

  29. Miky Baigus より:

    i love the fact that yesterday i litteraly did what you are advicing to do with the Soon medals now (tifa stuff + STMR moogle and bought myself all the enchantment stuff for brave abilities)

  30. Proto Phantom より:

    Getting ready for work, got my coffee and sweet bread and watching Howlz new video guide. Great way to start my morning

  31. Alireza Ghorbanpour より:

    Hell yes missed the face camera howllz xd
    Btw howllzz the Tifa fragment free giveaway doesnt get her to ex 1.only 15 at soon exchange.but there isnt anywhere else to get them.i only had 1 tifa before the update so i only could get her up to ex.should i buy the bundle?

  32. Pablo Sanchez より:

    I freaked out when I didn’t find Reno’s prism with the King Mog…

  33. Sin606 より:

    It’s almost ready

  34. RAMZA B より:

    Whats this processing bs give me vid now