Top Tier Waifu Units ARRIVE! Swimsuit units OP! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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WELP! It’s finally time that these swimsuit,summer units arrive in FFBE with Fina & Lid along with Folka & Citra! These units along with having some waifu material CG LB animations also bring some of the two best units in their respective classes!

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  1. OspreyFox より:

    Unfortunately, I was banned because a friend got me lapis from a shady site. He said he’d buy me lapis, and when I had over $100 worth, I flipped, saying he was too generous. This last patch I was banned, and they won’t lift it even after multiple appeals. Claic, you’ve been an awesome guide, and I had fun playing Warframe with you a while back. I’m unsubbing because I’m sick of seeing FFBE content everywhere. I can’t say I was unjustly punished, as my account broke T&C, I just really hate that there’s nothing they can do. I have willingly spent hundreds of dollars on the game as a hobby, and now it’s over. See you later, Claic, and the rest of the good FFBE community.

  2. Angel Robiou より:

    Man after Zeno Esther and Sabin back to back gonna have to skip…nice video!

  3. Malik より:

    i dont know. I feel like if you have Sylvie already then this is an easy skip. Fid had elemental resistance debuff which sylvie doesn’t. But Sylvie can easily debuff stats by 70% which is already a lot on turn 1. Plus the amount of buffs she gives and multiple imbues is too powerful. Enemies are dead before I can cast debuff again.

  4. Blading Legend2 より:

    another 200 bucks will be spent or will it looks at wallet after 7*Edgar … #Fellsbadman

  5. JhordanWeaf363 より:

    Claic these swimsuit units look good. Time to return to ffbe.

  6. evandariel ! より:

    hentai collab otw, lol

  7. Black Pearl より:

    I use kryla mostly because is easier also to do the use element missions… I have 6* fina and lid in ffbe jp but never use it…

  8. Lr Goku より:

    so those 2 comes out at the same time nice gurrenteed trap?

  9. Isabelle P. より:

    DOA Xtreme Volleyball flashback!

  10. John McAnuff より:

    mé·nage à trois units how nice

  11. KXHunter より:

    I can imagine a Dual Wield 7* Yuna to get fast the Evoke Gauge with Double Summer MILFs TMR it would be Insane doing that build

  12. scousersuk より:

    Wait didn’t gumi come out and talk about the powercreep after people got worried with esther and zeno popping out so fast? I can only assume they have no plans to slow down but we will see in june

  13. Raice Darkfeather より:

    Oh Gumi… How you want to take all my lapis/money… and I think you might be getting some of it with this one. =/

  14. Zelkiiro より:

    >”Summer Fina & Lid are super powerful”
    >cooldown break lasts 2 turns
    >on-demand breaks only hit one stat at a time
    >no access to quad-cast to remedy this

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh, I’m gonna skip this one…

  15. Mitchell Slone より:

    What is the event this week?

  16. Manymaster20092010 より:

    For names I like:
    Lid+Fina= Lina
    Folka+Citra= Foltra.

  17. Yusei255 より:

    step-ups are still wayy overpriced

  18. Lazuardi Ashidiqi より:

    I want to sell my account
    for good price only 2 left (only google bind account)

  19. VegetaEx より:

    I will skip them, Isave for CG Charlotte and UoC Aerith. I’m set with Sylvie and Zarg^^

  20. Project862006 より:

    fina/lid will be best breaker in the game until Elephim gets her enhancements then no one stands a chance lol

  21. inappropriately aligned metaphorical nourishment より:

    how does FID compare to sylvie?

  22. Ultra Introvert より:

    Man, I was kinda hoping they were just fan service units, not meta units. The Minnow life is rough atm, but at least we got free stuff coming (story ect.)

  23. Juan Mendoza より:

    What I wish GUMI do is that we get the exchange coins and if we save them all up we can get a free Fid or Fitra. That way GUMI can show that exchange coins are more than just some extra goodies for summons.

  24. Kenji Gonzalez Hoshino より:

    This is what I was waiting for but…
    I wasn’t excepting both units being released at the same time… hopefully I can get 2 of each :’T

  25. Robert Lang より:


  26. Allen Novodvorsky より:

    Going to do some light pulls to hopefully get Fina/Lid. Saving most of my stuff for the 3rd Anniversary bonanza!

  27. Zipok Gaming より:

    Fid & Cilka are awesome! Gumi GIMME!!

  28. Cordero Ebberhart より:

    Nah ima save lol

  29. starkillr より:

    You talked about all the great support units and left out Sylvie…I think that’s the biggest competition to Fid.

  30. Isaac S より:

    Omg seriously? I cant believe they are gonna actually be good.

  31. DragonKnight90001 より:

    Skipping still, saving for either octopath or charolette

  32. Lowkee33 より:

    Nice update Thank you for info !!

  33. AbadonXXX より:

    *baywatch theme plays in my head* now who will play hasselhoff?

  34. Volt0r より:

    I totaly need to be one of those chosen four players who are allowed to summon on the step up ! 😀

  35. lordchaos7770 より:

    I like Fitra. Fid and Fitra

  36. AstrayGT より:

    Recommend this over our Sephiroth shish kabob girl? Got me a Silvie, so I’m not sure if I should hold or pull hard.

  37. Dubious Space Hamster より:

    Neat unit mechanics, but I’m super uninterested in this level of T and A permeating the meta of a Final Fantasy game (especially with the way the CG LBs were done).

    Kudos to whoever is interested in this kind of fanservice, I suppose, but this is definitely not up my alley.

  38. neoplasm888 より:

    I’m getting kinda tired of being hyped for units I can’t use on anything. I want stuff to do on the game other than grind…

  39. Colton Green より:

    This actually kinda makes me mad. These 2 get Global Upgrades after already being incredible units? Meanwhile Akstar, on his own banner, completely dusted by Zeno. Comparing my Zeno to Akstar just makes you feel worse, when Zeno in any build has 5-6k more HP, not to mention is so much easier to build to reach 3k ATK.
    I hate how they treated Akstar, and even more now seeing these already OP units being buffed

  40. Asurakishinwrath より:

    3rd global anniversary is away to close to spend on her.
    And what about Aerith & CG Charlotte.

  41. Alice より:

    Halloween came early!

    CG Loli Zombie Sakura.

  42. Daniel より:

    The global upgrade when those two units are already being super strong is fishy tbh (especially CG Fid, they are even still in meta on JP).
    Gumi must have something in mind when they decided to do this. Another broken GL exclusive unit soon? hmmmmmm

  43. Epyonwings より:

    Here’s the day were everyone gets a nose bleed.

  44. halAtion より:

    I always feared of multi-purpose units like fina/lid and citra/folka because what they need to do ALWAYS doesn’t fit what they can do (Eg: Turn 1: Atk/Mag for 3 turns, then at 4th turn need Atk/Mag break but heal is needed too at the same turn, so choose between heal or break)

    Really hope fina/lid and citra/folka can solve this above problem like making all skill dual castable, not making 2 different dual cast (Yes, i’m referring the problem with Sylvie which her dual casts that cant cast other dual cast skills)

  45. Kristian Rubio より:

    The CG Fina/Lid make me feel *EXTREMELY* uncomfortable. Like I’m not into loli’s

  46. Cory Mankowski より:

    Lol, the 1 downvote doesn’t like waifus in bikinis

  47. jared morales より:

    Think ima skip, aerith and cg charllote are the superior waifus

  48. Fantasizek より:

    it’s Fitra

  49. Gray Fullbuster より:

    Citra and folka are called Cilka

  50. Darth Rangus より:

    What is the big payoff with “Madam’s Manor”?
    There is literally ZERO info about this dungeon/event anywhere.