King Mog Change, Summon Coin Shop Revealed, & Bans! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


FFBE left me a little more news after the release of the Sabin & Edgar banner this week! I go over the changes to the way King Mog works, my opinions on the Summon Coin Shop Exchange, & finally on the bannings that took some of the players out permanently!

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  1. James Merkel より:

    Decided to run a little math for the event points.


    Using these numbers, including the points gained unlocking lgd difficulty you need to run lgd, including the first run, 36 times to get the select summon ticket. Including the energy cost of unlocking lgd difficulty this equals 1,515 energy total.

    This means if you run lgd 3 times a day you will get the select summon ticket on the last day of the event if you start today. The grind really isn’t that bad as long as you don’t want ALL of the rewards, however even getting all the rewards is only 6 runs a day until the end of the event. So as far as the grind goes, it’s actually pretty minor and plausible for even lower ranked players to do without having to refresh energy.

  2. Darth Stuticus より:

    I want me some Lilith. .5/7*

  3. Niko SB より:

    Waduuuuuuuuup Claic

  4. andrea piro より:

    as you said.. if they lowered the cost of lapis.. maybe they didn’t have this kind of problems..
    Also i think it should be ok to get money back if you still haven’t used the lapis.

  5. Laughing bro より:

    Ban them all.

  6. Not Sure より:

    I’m racking my brain trying to figure out why anybody wouldn’t like them adding rewards on to the king MOG event. they don’t make you do anything it’s just extra rewards if you’re going to do it. If you don’t do it you don’t get the rewards. But for people that like the game and play the game to be upset that you have to play the game to get something from playing the game? I mean this is seriously the most entitled and bratty gaming community of any game I’ve ever played.

  7. Mogéréo ArcAngel より:

    I think it’s good for those without unit to get’s event items but I have a feeling that it is in the end, more longer to get… Don’t know. At least I do not have to aim for that ticket with the items.

  8. LyricsOverBars NaS より:

    so Coolie get 30days ban…

  9. Thekisamesamehada より:

    Bye bye…D…hehehe

  10. Damien Wyatt より:

    I think the 30 day ban is a terrible decision financially speaking. Especially since its basically ment as a warning in the first place. You remove a player that’s engaged in your product daily for 30 days, then you run the risk of them finding something else to pass the time and then potentially never return. Or worse, they do return and now are so mad they never spend a dime again. If the point was to show players they know what’s going on and who’s doing it, you could have just sent an In game message to those people saying knock it off or get banned. This will be the moment they look back at and say ” yeah we screwed that up”. The playerbase is shrinking on regular basis. At the level the game is at now, it would be very difficult for a new player to come in and not be completely ineffective against any current events or raids without a huge financial investment. Heavy handed tactics like this will have very bad long term effects for virtually no short term gain. This wont bring in new players or convince old players to spend anymore than they were already, and certainly wont get banned players to spend the equivalent of what they were getting in lapis from 3rd party sellers with you. This was simply a lose/lose situation.

  11. Drew [makes] Beats より:

    They added an entire layer of farm on top of the original farm. Like if that Select Ticket was ALL I wanted… that’s gonna be like 40 runs (give or take). But oh well… I’m riding with this game until CG Cloud… then I can make life decisions lol

  12. TFeezyDaUndaDog より:

    I completed kingmog with 4 hours of release I’m the one who reported the bugs to the devs directly took me awhile for my stuff to work

  13. James Merkel より:

    I LIKE the EP system so far, that reduces how many runs we need for items we want overall. Summon select ticket 150k average sale cost equals the special 5* ticket plus all of the other rare summon tickets. On average I bet most people will get the select ticket around the same time they finish grinding out the mog tickets, which is the vast majority of the mog shops actual valuables.

  14. Noir Rain より:

    I spent legit way over 20k dollars. I don’t give two fucks if a guy did tattoo or spent money against the TOS. Ban these fuckers. No second chances. ZERO. that’s how us, legit spenders feel.

  15. PrivateScoots より:

    The energy core thing was easy for me thanks to Akstar, Esther, and Sylvie and was able to get all of them. And I finally beat the 3* Odin challenge to help out my Akstar even more!

  16. Naveen Chandrasekaran より:

    No thanks.. Dyer must be banned permanently

  17. ShkNBke より:

    There was an identical situation that happened with [Bleach: Brave Souls] 2 years ago, and what that resulted in was accounts that were flagged for charge back would not be able to access the shop and make purchases under that account. So people could still play the game with their account progression intact, its just they couldn’t buy anything which is EXTREMELY fair in the sense that; *yes these accounts lost us money and instead of destroying this account we will just prevent it from being able to access the store and that account can still exist intact*.

    I think the reason this happens is because, a lot of these games NEVER HAVE SALES on their summon currency, at least Brave Souls never did and I played that game nearly 2 years very regular. Everyone likes a good deal [Buy 1 get 1/2 off or get 1 free etc.] and when you have a game as aggressive as FFBE when it comes to chugging out banners it is very hard to keep up without spending money and those lapis packs are fucking EXPENSIVE. Maybe the marketing team is in the zone of *We’re a Final Fantasy game, we can rake in a lot of money just on name alone why have sales lol*. So its not surprising that players are doing charge backs and I’m not claiming this is a unique issue to Brave Souls or FFBE, lord knows One Piece Treasure Crew or Fate Grand Order deal with it too.

    Just think about it If the $100 was 25% off once in a while, would that feel good?

    Edit: grammar

  18. Raice Darkfeather より:

    I like the %* select ticket being in the EP earnings. Makes it easier for people to get when they don’t farm up bonus units, and also makes it so you aren’t stuck farming for a week to get enough currency for just one item.

  19. karim dib より:

    They got what they deserve.
    I Work hard for my rainbows

  20. rjr2992 より:

    I like the new event points, gives you a little something. Sometimes I get some bad runs with no bonus enemies and at least this can give you some currency for just running it.

  21. scousersuk より:

    I was banned for 30 days for using sellers I honestly assumed they were buying currency in cheaper regions and passing some of that difference on to me but after hearing and even asking the seller I used if he did charge backs (he said yes) I will take my 30 day ban, I didn’t know this was how i was getting my lapis and to be using somebody’s card info feels shitty to me so I accepted my punishment.
    As for why I do it well it is pretty simple lapis is disgustingly expensive and as soon as we got 7 stars I looked into buying it cheaper somehow, to need to now pull 2 copies of a unit at these low rates with multiple rainbows on a banner a lot of the time is pretty hard.
    Do I think i am “scamming” the community or something? no because I am not affecting your game play at all you can play how you want just like using a cheat code in a single player game it might be connected to a server but you play alone.
    What will I do from now? well more than likely I will just forget about the game or go super casual and do nothing in there I can’t be invested in a game that is so expensive to maintain with 7 stars they should have helped us out but they didn’t so that’s all I can say really.
    Think about this for a second IF I bought from the store I could do 1 step up on the zeno banner for the same price as I did 3, now I personally got 1 ON BANNER rainbow which was the guaranteed one at the end and it was akstar out of the two rainbows that is 100 bucks for 1 copy of a unit it took me 3 FULL step ups to get 2 copies of zeno…..
    If you read till the end thanks and if you hate me for my decision that’s fine have a nice day

  22. R Kaiser より:

    Not a huge fan of the EP implementations, but I’ll roll with it. It’s just there to keep you grinding, with was already an annoying chore… I would usually finish KM the first days and slack off the rest of the week, but it seems it’s not gonna happen this time xD

  23. G B より:

    I think the 70K KM currency for the 5* ticket was a fair price and much easier to obtain. I am not a huge fan of the new KM format. Not 100% sure I agree with you on the perma-bans. You did not mention the revenue some content creators are bringing in despite spending on the game. I don’t know all of GUMI/SE metrics for handing out the bans, so I can’t say what an appropriate limit is; but it is down right illegal to profit off of someone while taking advantage of stolen property. I cannot get behind that. The smaller player who made a mistake, ya, give them the 30 day warning; but whales who are content creators making a profit knowingly ripping off people deserve perma-ban IMO. I am glad you did not fall for the gimmick of 3rd party Lapis!

  24. Claude Ashford より:

    C’mon Claic, don’t play coy here with these people, even if they’re your friends and you know these banned people. They KNEW what they were getting themselves into when they do this kinda stuff. Heck, they’ve told people not to engage in this stuff even in many notices over time. I doubt they can play the ignorant card here or expect to have a friendly no-no. If they were banned indefinitely, obviously they must had been abusing the system pretty heavily to the point they deemed it beyond just a suspend.

    Besides… I’m not exactly fond of Gumi/Alim as a company, but it is wrong what they did and deserve to be banned. Would it be swell to commit fraud and get just a slap on the wrist, don’t do it again, you won’t go to jail this time? Not really. They’re stealing money from a company no-matter how you spin it.

    Only. They can restart their accounts from fresh if they truly want to continue playing the game. Nothing stopping them from doing that.

  25. Troy Moore より:

    Perma ban is the standard for gaming companies on people charging back.

  26. Thomas Hardy より:

    I get lapis is expensive but understand it’s you’re choice to buy it. Using a 3rd party damages game security drains gumi and square of there profits. I know gumi isn’t always great but by destroying there business doing that hurts the game. You want gumi to listen close the wallets but don’t resort to these people who can badly damage the game.

  27. Tommy C より:

    I’m going to give it a day or 2 just to figure out if it’s a harder grind to get the UOC before I judge it, I’d rather take the time so it carries more weight when I do get salty about the dirty dealings in the game, if that makes sense

  28. Cabo Delaghetto より:

    When is the anniversary

  29. Umbreonic より:

    Summoning on the limited time step up solely to get another demon rain

  30. cliff davis より:

    Dude, I’m a lil off topic atm, but there’s an FFBE community meet-up in Orlando tomorrow.
    It woulda been cool if y’all had ur vacation this week. Then you coulda stopped by. Lol, oh well.
    Glad you have a fun vacation!!

  31. Jamie Craighead より:

    That 70k was one of the few things I’d grind for. As a vet, the equipment and materia are useless. Tickets, SQ, maybe the 10% moogle?

  32. Michael Yeong より:

    Why your event points texts is in japanese??? lol 😀

  33. Siimon より:

    Love your videos & vibe Claic, Is there any chance of you covering other game(s) in a near future? I prefer not sharing my opinion(s) on FFBE since I have a hard time seeing anything good…

    Pros: Love the current event musics, the bug fixes they did 1-2 weeks ago.

    Cons: The balance as a whole for units is completely broken & can’t be fixed. The game as only gotten worst over the years (more ways to spend but less ways to play). If the devs/publishers don’t get the highest profit margin from a player, they have the right to literally steal the money spent on their “online service”.

    I’m 100% for putting laws that prevent Devs &/or Publishers from exploiting gamers & building everything in a game around pushing a player to spend endlessly.

  34. larry ly より:

    Did Dyer get ban?

  35. Will MacGregor より:

    I don’t mind the event point thing I know it will take longer to grind out probably but since you’re getting both currency simultaneously it’s not a big deal .

  36. Nazta より:

    Chargebacks is costing them money. Any fees will be deducted directly from the dev’s next payout. (Yes, there are fees, even when the chargeback is fraudulent)

  37. GamerEX より:

    Usually when you say to your bank “Hey, I didn’t buy this.” and they take back the money. A fee is applied to the company to get the money back. It’s what really fucked Runescape back in the day when they removed free trade. They removed free trade because so many people were bots and charging back to get the irl money back and then having a bot in members worlds able to spam websites for gold selling. Jagex was losing 10’s of thousands of dollars each month but more importantly. The credit card companies were threatening to disallow them from using their services which would have crippled Runescape’s business.

  38. Aksa Perdata より:

    My account is suspended for 30 days despite buying lapis from the 3rd party instead of perma banned. I think the reason is that happened because although I bought lapis illegally, sometimes I still buy some bundles like Fountain of Lapis or other bundles with real money value so GUMI might wanna gives me another chance to play my account and I better not fucked this up. 

    Maybe anyone can confirm this or at least have similar experience?.

  39. Jose Garza より:

    “a little bit disappointing” that’s an understatement xD

  40. Norman Kowalski より:

    Not the beat setup but it mite get better with time and rework some bugs out

  41. KingMagiPot6 より:

    Did someone say banned!!! The cake is a lie. Nice work sir.

  42. spek888 より:

    Is it just me or do the walnuts look like poop? no just me then………-_-

  43. DeceitfulLight より:

    Doing a chargeback in this instance is fraud.
    You as the player that do this method, should be banned. Fraud is illegal.

    And Claic, if you were overcharged legitimately, it’s not wrong to ask for a correction.

  44. Nom de Guerre より:

    Summon coins are garbo. Extra stuff yes, but nothing that would entice anyone to pull. Also considering how bad the rewards are, they shouldn’t be tied to specific banners. But hey this is what they are wasting their development time on instead of creating more content.

  45. sleepyone1414 より:

    Lapis buyers gotta go, from my understanding the farmers hack that lapis as it is so could be wrong but whatever

  46. Jordan Truong より:

    Since I don’t have to pull for bonus units, I like the event points for the 5 star guarantee. It’s just sucks that the UoC ticket is not 5k currency anymore.

  47. soupremo1 より:

    should i spend my hard earned select summon ticket on akstar? zeno? or esther?….or should i kept until king rain?