Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story 2nd arc OP No Vocal- BGM Yozuru theme | アプリのすすめ

Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story 2nd arc OP No Vocal- BGM Yozuru theme


Due to sony blocking trysail songs going to test with just bgm music. if sony still does well sorry sony doesn’t want to spoil na.

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  1. To Ade より:

    The music fits really well with the trailer, may I ask where you got the music for this video?

  2. Ali ii より:

    where can i download this bgm (:?

  3. Zero TV より:

    Where can I find this bgm track sound?

  4. Jhorden Tasher より:

    I feel that the little one holding a stuff toy is a new magical girl

  5. Luis Henrique Bagorrilha Moreira より:

    This is from the anime or the Game?

  6. Patu Mana より:


  7. JunniorStarLight より:

    Mifuyu getting yeeted into a hole tho… damn

  8. Its Sweet_Sense より:

    1:00 *M E N A C I N G*

  9. Icykids 2 より:


  10. ローグメサイア より:


  11. じゃんけんに負けた美樹さやかの骨 より:

    0:47 結奈さんの目怖すぎぃ… これはひかるもニッコリ

  12. christine smith より:

    Alina in her school uniform <3

  13. 2.3次元善悪狂人亡命的責任壮大 より:


  14. 藤井チョロQ より:

    1:02 に出ている二人ってさやかとなぎさ⁉︎

  15. 2.3次元善悪狂人亡命的責任壮大 より:


  16. 2.3次元善悪狂人亡命的責任壮大 より:


  17. 2.3次元善悪狂人亡命的責任壮大 より:


  18. ๖ۣƈɾმղ より:

    Nemu hugging Ui from behind while sliding is kind of cute for some reason

  19. Yuki 200 より:

    I’m feeling like the girl in the thumbnail aka 0:48 would be the next event character

  20. woo hoo! より:

    How can something be this cool??????

  21. Giancarlo Rv より:

    At this point this isn’t even about Mitakihara girls anymore. It’s about finding a way to escape the witchfication system. Tbh, idrc for Mitakihara girls anymore, I whatsoever hope and expect they give Rebellion a wrap and somehow connect Devil Homura to this, I’m sure together they can find a way to escape Kyubeys system .Whatsoever, I believe a lot of people are more into MagiRecord. I mean I’m sure you are going to comment saying “well, i’m a shaft fan since 2013 and still like Madoka better” yaya we see you, but a lot of people like MagiRecord better. It explains so many things and gives u an actual universe of Magical Girls. Love Madoka, but get along with the idea of them being secondary characters from now and on.

  22. ハインリチマーティン より:

    No Mitakihara girls 🙁

  23. Salvatore Dumas より:

    Is this a part 2 to the game?

  24. アニメ好き より:


  25. 池田成輝 より:


  26. ライダー好きの魔法少女 より:


  27. ライダー好きの魔法少女 より:


  28. Juan Jose Rivera Zamudio より:

    Es hermoso, lastima que no contó con una canción :’3