The BEST Way to Spend Your OMNIPRISMS | Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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Omniprisms have arrived in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius! An Omniprism is an item that can be used to awaken ANY unit to their 7 Star Form, even time limited units! What is the best way for you to use this powerful new item, the Omniprism in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!? Snag a favorite units? Save it? Get a STMR (Super Trust Master Reward)? How should you spend your Omniprism!?

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  1. Sword play より:

    I mean its a bit dated but what about Arngrims? I think thats how you spell it but Bahamutd tear? Lightening double hand greatsword? Just a thought.

  2. Kevin Ritchie より:

    Does Eleven’s STMR have a higher damage variance than AC Cloud’s STMR? I know Cloud’s has 10 more attack than Eleven’s. If Eleven’s STMR is better, I’ll use the Moogle I was saving for Cloud.

  3. Jamal DeGale より:

    The sad part is I own non of those units

  4. Jason Relyea より:

    Elena also has a really nice super TM.

  5. shinra358 より:

    Tell us about the new upgrade equipment shop that just appeared

  6. ClutchEXE より:

    I was gonna use an stmr moogle for elevens stmr but then I ended up with CP noctis stmr before I got the moogle. Now I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.

    I also got the Omniprism but in just gonna hold it until I reaaaaally want something.

  7. IKR OK より:

    That’s it… I’m using Excalipoor.

  8. Juan Samayoa より:

    Bro, Adam’s prim is on the exchange shop for trust coins. I’ll prefer to wait to get 5000 coint

  9. zaku leonheart より:

    i get it next time around, im spent after pulling for rikku. stay safe bro.

  10. Incinerate より:

    Right now, I may be heavily interested in using the Omniprism on my Karten to get him to 7*. I mean, it would be cool to have him after having half-lucked on him on his banner.

    As mentioned, other candidates are Primrose and Jasper, and then a Mordegon waiting to be leveled for his STMR.

  11. Daniele Pallassini より:

    What’s the new background track howl?

  12. Sin * より:

    Does the ffx2 banner go away on the 2and actually I’m just wondering since I can only get money on the first of april

  13. Squall Lionheart より:

    This one for the algoritme 😉

  14. Squall Lionheart より:

    Your the man!

  15. NaruhanStrife72 より:

    I have a 7* Sora and another sora that I was saving In case they throw his prism in the trust coin shop, should I wait and see if it happen or use the omniprism to get Sora’s STMR? :cc

  16. Dimitris Haratzas より:

    I think that in order for this to be useful, it needs to be a more regular thing. And prefferably not a bundle. Some sort of extremely challenging quest, or maybe a community quest like the lightning tyrant once every 3-4 months would make it usable. As it stands, i think a lot of people will just hoard it since it’s only one. Y’know, the whole elixir effect

  17. David Manwarin より:

    Grab every Omni they ever drop.

  18. ROCKsaru1998 より:

    Going to save this omniprism for gilgamesh, but in the future when we get another omniprism. I have 1 eleven 7* stars and another 6* the question is should I go for the stmr right away or should I get to stmr moogle to get to Supreme sword of light?

  19. Mark Roman より:

    Honestly, sound advice, but I feel like it should be said that if you have a 7 star team and are missing a tank, or a breaker, or a buffer, and don’t wanna wait, then prism someone to make your team viable for trials. Find out where you’re stuck. Do you need a healer? DPS? If you’re sitting on 0 UoC tickets and a 6 star Esther, it should really be a no-brainer. You want to be able to clear the content you want to clear, without having to dump cash into a gacha system. Look at your friend list. Who are your prominent chainers? May wanna get someone who chains with the majority of your chainers. There’s a lot of BS chainers on my friend list, so Esther is my current companion unit.

    Use your head. Don’t use it to chase an STMR – make your team as viable as you can for upcoming trials/content/etc.

  20. Matt S より:


  21. Calvin Lee より:

    MMMmmm Unless a time limited Collab unit is a favorite or has a unique/future-proof STMR (Like Adam Jensen), I would personally avoid using it on any Time LImited Collab unit in general. I personally use Adam Jensen’s STMR on Radiant Lightning (I had 3 adams and used the crystal thing from the exchange shop way back when) 🙂 Don’t have Katy Perry – but I think thaat’s another good 1. Anyways, and I believe Howl already went over this in another video, Collab units generally have no future. No enhancements – and other units like “Rico Rodriguez” (Just Cause)… I distinctly remember 7* “soon to come”… and like over a year and a half later (I think it was june of 2018?) where is it??? WHERE!?!??? nowhere!!!! wheeeee – my two cents down complaint lane!

  22. Rathial より:

    Got AI Katy Perry with mine ofc if I get another omni would probably use it on flammie

  23. Cameron Jackson より:

    You should show off liquid metal slime equipped with the upgrade package. Allowing him to equip shields and a crazy defense boost. Its low key cheese

  24. Daniel Cioffi より:

    Will use mine on my ai katy. Only managed to get one…

  25. Thalmagrus より:

    Question: I have 2 mastermind xon. Can I use the omni prism on one , use a super trust moogle on him for his stmr. Then uoc another xon, awaken him, then fuse the two for a second crimson butterfly for my rikku / lilasette combo.

  26. Patrick Ruiz より:

    tetra syphilis loool

  27. Rafael Chavarin より:

    I just destroyed the latest bosses with xuan wu and rikku-2. I was able to get x4 xuan wu and able to 7 star emperor poo. Thinking of getting rikku’s stmr

  28. Etienne Duret より:

    Love those video always fun to learn more about the game

  29. david king より:

    Tetra phallus

  30. John Vincent より:

    Hopefully FMA comes to global. If so, that’s where mines going. Then I’m hoping we can get another before Zenaida and then I’ll use it on her, assuming I can get my hands on her.

  31. kutabaregaki より:

    What’s your thoughts on Fei’s stmr? I got 3 of him.

  32. Josh B より:

    I agree with everything you said. I have 3 Karten and 3 Mordegon. Would you recommend either for prism for stmr? I thought about Karten since I can then free up the body slot for Feis stmr to give more hp. Just want some input.

  33. Josh Hulett より:

    Honestly i am really disappointed Howllzz doesn’t have more favorite ffbe youtuber and honestly one of my favorite youtube personalities. Much love my man!!!

  34. Cuthawolf より:

    Really appreciate this video, I hadn’t even considered Supreme Sword of Light. But since AC Cloud is someone I’m aiming for in future, that might be my best spend option.

  35. John Meza より:

    I’m willing to tweet at Katy Perry to ask Gumi to bring back her collab unit, until she of course blocks me for being a loser.

  36. Hollis Briggs より:

    Kinda want to use it on KH Cloud he’s been stuck at 6* for awhile

  37. C J Miller より:

    Like the vid sir!

  38. tnix88 より:

    Eleven stmr vs. Chinese twins?

    I’m using summer whip and mediena stmr on Lulu, kp stmr would be sick.

  39. Frank Garris より:

    Howl I’m begging for some help with some trials man. I need these last 2 uoc. I just can’t get through Agiaion or Demon wall. Help a fan out lol.

  40. Carlos Caraballo より:

    All lapis, all tickets and got two Paine no Rikus!!!

  41. Shirodragoon より:

    So use the omin prism on Eleven and STMR moogle him? Is that a good idea, I heard he was better than Esther.

  42. tnix88 より:

    They pointed out that we will be able to get more omniprisms in the future

  43. Fox Force より:

    Thanks for the ideas. I am weighing out Eleven’s STMR vs UoCing my 4th RLighting (I like the 50% TDW). I already have Noctis’ STMR.

    I think saving it for a time limited unit is wise.

  44. TheOneTrueEfrate より:

    Tetra syphilis Physallis? Lasswell better watch out of keep some remedies on hand. I used mine on A.I. Katy Perry, will have that stmr likely next month. Used on CG dark fina just that and her base gets you 150% tdw magic plus 100% magic. Not terrible for a single accessory slot. Need DW from elsewhere sadly but even 2 slots for that still leaves you in a pretty good spot overall.

  45. Darth Rangus より:

    Omniprism for Kryla would be a HUGE waste.
    You can get her prism with Trust coins, and hers is half the cost of the others.

  46. Shelby Hill より:

    I’m gonna hold might use it on my third AI Katy when I get enough STMR tickets.

  47. Sin606 より:

    Unrelated but the current update now has FFIVTAY and FFXIII-2 as a selection also now there’s and equip enhance in the craft?

  48. Krayven より:

    I was thinking use on Sephiroth kh do you think worty?

  49. Hugh Tube より:

    Just for the lulz, I’ll save my omniprism for Rico Rodriguez’s 7*. Bwahaha!