Top 10 FAILS of 2019 – Worst of 2019 -Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius went through a ton of changes in 2019. And with with so many changes and new things implemented there are bound to be mistakes. So with no further wait, here are the TOP 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES/FAILS and Worst decisions of 2019 in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius GL (FFBE GL)

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  1. Joah Fitzgerald より:

    Twitch accounts come with “Smart Notifications” turned on automatically. If you have any browser with twitch open, you will not get notifications on your mobile device if “Smart Notifications” are on. I hope this helps some people who have not changed that setting. GGz

  2. Kaije より:

    aww… hearts are just reminders? Here I thought ya just loved me that much… my life is over… day is crushed… week is obliterated…

  3. Deangelo Hansel より:

    I am still waiting on my Rico 7 star that was coming “soon” in early june.

  4. LanceEvilProductions より:

    Black Friday should have been April 1st

  5. Troy Lawrence より:

    Thanks for the video Howl. Love these type of reflection videos on what wasn’t good in 2019, helps people like me remember what I didn’t like. Also, awesome shirt dude! Starting Dragon Quest up again. Keep it real homie.

  6. sven olle より:

    When you mentioned enlightenment points I just remembered what i should do but haven’t done in a far too long time.

  7. VG Yugi より:

    Oh yeah? Did you read this?? DID YOU??

  8. BigCrockDawg より:

    The biggest thing with the expert missions is them not wanting to literally hand 40-50 UoC to thousands of players….it will greatly diminish the amount of pulling for months, where people suddenly have a huge stash and only need 1 banner unit every other week (or longer) along with 8 UoC to land their desired 7*. I’d be surprised if we ever get it, honestly.

  9. Mason Tran より:

    also you add moogle maps these should be just trade in or something, cannot expect players to run mission for each maps

  10. jamaicanrage より:

    My biggest issue was definitely the connectivity problems that took place with the game in the 2nd half of the year. Some users we completely unable to access the game for weeks! Totally unacceptable. The game would also just break far too often. At one point it felt like every time I checked the in game news Gumi was apologising for some issue, and stating that they’re working on it. Props to them for responding fairly promptly most of the time, but it was very frustrating to experience some of those issues first hand.

  11. Derek より:

    I felt like the dragon quest banners were way more generous than the black Friday style banners in terms of getting what you want. On that note, I love how you’re wearing a t-shirt with all the dragon quest characters but couldn’t name them all XD. Jk thanks for keeping the content flowing and helping the community stay alive.

  12. 3H3E3 より:

    Stopped playing a year ago cold Turkey. Happy your channel is doing well you can see the progress in your videos

  13. ValiantGoat より:

    World reset?…Don’t trust official sources.

  14. Forrest Black より:

    The arena is so boring.

  15. Zac Graham より:

    Imo, the decay of UoC efficacy.

  16. LiquidSharingan より:

    i just do the 5 arena orbs to get my lapis then quit out. i just use a 3 star unit with two cursed rings. then everything else i’d agree with that pertains to the game. the wave battles, expert missions, and world reset hits home for me the most. loved the picks.

  17. jason smarr より:


  18. sproulja より:

    All good points. Looking forward to 10 best of 2019

  19. John Paul Ong より:

    No hates please.. I miss Dyer :'(

  20. Ayame NeroXIII より:

    Wait, wait. Wait.
    The Trust Coin shop hasn’t been updated? (I honestly don’t check for what’s in the TC Shop; I just buy uocs and fuck off.)
    That would explain why I haven’t heard anything about Christines’ prism being in.

    What kinda blasphemy is this.

  21. Sephs Vi より:

    Wish they had a guild function like in epic7, you can chat and donate items to each other.

  22. joe blow より:


  23. vishal bachan より:

    Some kids out there are like “lol don’t you mean Morty?”

  24. ChoculaUltra より:

    “We heard you guys liked DQ11, so we’re gonna let you pull for the main characters but ONLY after you spend unhealthy amounts of money on the villains of the game you don’t really care about while making Eleven’s STMR nigh-BiS for a bunch of units that we’re going to release early.” – Gumi

  25. Black Pearl より:

    Vengeful is awful also for not have an option to switch character and transfert the equip and materia from one to the other, making it tedious and boring to have to equip again the new unit in the party.

  26. ChoculaUltra より:

    I think another top fail is easily the Exvius Point system out there for people who spend money. 3 of the reward tiers are King Metal Minitaurs – none of them maxed out, the 200 point reward is still a 5 ex-star ticket, but the reward for 300? a 4 star ex-ticket. 3 tough pots for 25 pts and 225 pts. Imagine spending $225 dollars on this game and getting 3 Tough Pots as a “reward.” Look, Gumi, I don’t mind giving you money here and there – but Exvius Point rewards are just insulting to ANY player playing longer than 6 months.

  27. Soul Fuxion より:

    I’ll give off the top 5 things I consider to be the worst things that happened in FFBE. Some of these might be nitpicks.

    #5.) Arena/Colosseum
    I feel often don’t feel so compelled to play these modes as the rewards aren’t drawing me in. Especially when some of the rewards from the medal exchange are the same as always. However, Colosseum is the biggest offender. It hasn’t been updated in ages and the rewards are the same. All you go in there for is a weapon for new players and that’s it. Colosseum can be easy to breeze through if a new player has a decently powerful unit on their hands. I want this to be updated to add more rewards and better ones at that.

    #4.) EvilLaughter01 Leaving FFBE
    This hurt me quite a bit as I often watched his content. Especially his guide videos on some of the Chamber bosses. The one that stuck with me today was his strategy on defeating the Two Headed Dragon for the Grand Helm+. I still miss him and hope the man is doing well.

    #3.) April’s Livestream Debacle
    Basically what Howl said in this video. If someone is reading this comment before watching this video somehow, watch his video first!

    #2.) Lack of Latent Ability Awakenings
    I was hoping we would have more units at this point with LAAs by the end of the year, but I have been seeing a severe lack of that. I often don’t have many units to really invest into and I don’t do the daily EP missions because of it. My keys have been stockpiling for a while now, so I want to see more units get abilities I’d wish to unlock.

    This is by far the one thing that peeves me more than anything else. Ever since the KM FFXV event that came out in December 2019, I’ve noticed how the game has been a lot more grindy. It once needed to take under 100 runs or less on a dungeon to get all of the Event Points, but after doing the math, it takes about 5,010 NRG for roughly 167 runs on the hardest difficulty of KM Events just to reach 100k Event Points. On top of that, they revamped the shop and took out a vital item for many new players or even F2P users: SUMMON TICKETS. I haven’t seen those in the KM shops and I am now forced to spend my tickets carefully going from here on out unless RNG wants to screw me on a banner. I often pull on banners for the 3* or 4* units for KM events since the amount of KM Currency needed for most items has been DRASTICALLY spiked in some areas. Some items are cheaper, but I hate how much those STMR Moogles cost. If I recall, they’re about 600k KMC just for ONE STMR out of the free unit. Meanwhile, the TMR Moogles for them are at HALF that price. And these Elemental Battle events are no fun either. It takes me between 1-3 turns just to clear the quest and they have Event Point Rewards as well that’s ridiculous to reach if the boss is strong enough to KO your strongest units. I had to spend NRG Pots while AT WORK just to catch up on the Save Your Elf Holiday event. Bonus units were not kind to us for this Holiday season as we only had the newest ones to us while FIVE other 7* units from previous seasons were just here to summon for. Not to be used as Bonus Units. All of this grind on KM Events that we have now is making me mad to the point where if this isn’t changed to make grinding easier, I mind as well quit FFBE for it. I have been on the grind for so long as it is that I have mostly done just that since there normally isn’t a week off just to cool off from all these grindy events.

    But anyways, I’ll call it there. That turned into a rant at the end, but I mean it when that needs to be improved because I don’t imagine every F2P user out there will be grinding so hard. Now, with that being said, lets hope this year in FFBE will be better than 2019.

  28. Alice より:

    “I’m outta time and all I got is 4 minutes!”

  29. Josh B より:

    I agree with all this. Good job!

  30. Anthony Cousineau より:

    Send this to GUMI ASAP!!!

  31. Kevin Whittaker より:

    For me the biggest fail of the game’s entire history is there not being ANY official sources for anything. The Easter banner was just a slap in the face. The game devs rely on the data miners and wiki writers to do their work for them. The fact that they tell us to only listen to official sources and then release trials that have 1,000 unlisted mechanics really grinds my gears. The strategy moogle button is the closest thing there is and it tells you practically nothing about the fight ahead. Sealing, thresholds, counters, inflicting death based on slot number, etc. all these things that are the reason for the difficulty and not a single official source that tells you anything about them. And then the devs blame the discrepancies on the fans who do their job for free. Makes my blood boil. Whew… sorry, I really needed to rant.

  32. Kayessee より:

    I agree with no.1. Having beaten story mode I could definitely use the mission reset.

  33. nachideku より:

    Did you get a new camera? Must’ve had it in the last video too

  34. Dovinotr1 Trax より:

    They need some reminders… Thank you Howlz

  35. Heis Death List より:

    World resettttttt!!!

  36. Brian Wise より:

    You missed the treatment of veteran players during the 3rd birthday. We had to wait a month, to see anything resembling appreciation, while we watched returning players treated so much better with the welcome back event they had.

  37. Greg Mendina P より:

    I think it should have been in the list that it took them over 2 weeks to fix their “ISP problem” where a bunch of people were not able to update the game and it was unplayable for the longest time

  38. shadowschilda より:

    I agree with the arena part, but why did you ignore the stepup banners such as cg noctis? That was a real shit show!

  39. David Rhodes より:

    As soon as I saw the notification, I thought: “telling players to not listen to the content creators who MAKE THE COMMUNITY and those 2 step BS banners” lol great list, Howl. I can give a pass on the Chamber of the Vengeful because of the holidays and all the events a free stuff we got, but we do need to get back on track.

  40. Daryl whittle より:

    “I got a band aid, when I have a 40,000 ton meteor on my head.”
    Seems like Fenrir finally got fed up with you bashing him, Howl XD

    Love the content like always, man. Keep up the good work =)

  41. Hugh Tube より:

    I actually like the box system because it takes the RNG out of pulling. I’d rather know that I’m going to get (unit 1, unit 2, unit 3) in a set amount of pulls than go through a step up hoping there’s a rainbow, and then hoping that rainbow’s on banner, and then the unit you want. The only problem with the box system is it’s attached to the key system, which is absolute trash.

    Honourable mention: the server malfunction that meant some players could’t access the game for weeks.

  42. Julia Luna より:

    I disagree with DQXI one, they gave too many free Rainbows, that’s why it sucks. I got 7 stars without even trying, I loved the event.

  43. Laughing bro より:

    the current challenge. only physical lightning does damage boss but killed by thundaga? lol

  44. Rathial より:

    I also hope we get an energy update to the game absolutely ZERO reason for the energy system to be as shitty and slow as it is currently

  45. Jose Rodriguez より:

    Lmaooo now that you mentioned the expert missions, watch them come out this week

  46. Just Me より:

    top fail: more emergency maintenances than normal one… with even after emergency time breaking the game….