BAMBOOZLING – Crimson for April – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


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In a grand move GUMI changes the precedent of the ordering of Story events and pushes Akstar back at least a month for Crimson! What will happen this month? Xenogears 2? Easter Event? FFVII? Let’s delve in!

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  1. Howl より:

    If FFVII ends up coming out before Akstar we’d have an opportunity to get Red XIII AND Aerith on the same banner. Red XIII is a strong TDH chainer in his own right, but never really caught on as everyone already had Akstar!

    RED XIII 2019 META?

  2. Xelgadis より:

    I think those slashed rainbow numbers mean they are having increased drop rates for normal off banner rainbows. So better chance for off and on banner.

  3. Arvo George より:

    I feel like crimson should came out before hyoh, or around the same time as that limited time dude with a thunder sword stmr perfect for hyoh, other than a hyoh stmr who is crimson? Lol

  4. Wrath022 より:

    The boosted rates are for the featured unit, so 5x rate-up at 1% puts Crimson at a 5% chance of appearing, but the overall rainbow rate is boosted to 7% to compensate. So the slashed rates refer to the rainbow rate itself, not the chance of Crimson being summoned.

  5. Nthan より:

    what is the background music?

  6. Hrvoje Vulin より:

    spent more on xeno, got second bart so now I have his 7* and 3 more elly so now I have another of her 7*

  7. asm154 より:

    Gl Ex Easter event bosses: Easter Bunny Kenshu and Passover Bakuya incoming.

  8. hoopfest_ 12 より:

    Akstar delayed, eh not that bad of news now I can at least save up another 25000 lapis

  9. Mario Gaming より:

    king crimson erased AKSTAR from existence

  10. Znikomek より:

    I wait for rabbit (easter) Fina <3

  11. asm154 より:

    Hell Yeah that’s a great tmr. I’ve gotten 4 random Squalls, 4 random Balthiers, and one random Jake away from Regina time 🙂

    Lol whales cry.

  12. Troy Lawrence より:

    Looks like we’re saving lapis boys and girls! Thank you as always Howl for the info and breakdown! Totally agree that delaying Akstar does no real good. Guess I’ll just save more resources for Akstar. Unleash the beast!

  13. Troy Addict より:

    I’m sick them making me download all this shit on my phone have to wait 2 hours to play the game almost everyday bruh I’m this close uninstalling this game

  14. T City より:

    They’re delaying akstar so that the power creep isn’t so significant. They’re padding things out…just like they did with xenogears. There’s no need to hold out for akstar. just pull for units you like. Unless the unit you like is akstar….

  15. Jordan Sussams より:

    I was pretty hyped for Akstar this month been waiting since his jp release, but as you said there is no stopping him so what’s another month.

  16. Saul Gonzalez より:

    Akstar FoolS! Wait April 1st is over? Damn

  17. Dangerous Teenage Boy より:

    CAN CONFIRM gumi is holding amstar hostage in a basement.

  18. DeathNRebirth より:

    Just thinking wistfully out loud here, but maybe we’ll get a new 2 handed sword from whatever Easter GLEX unit we get. My 7* Fayt would be very happy with that.

  19. John Meza より:

    We actually haven’t had a fusion success rate event since the new combination system was added.

  20. Khayman77 より:

    It’s end of quarter so Gumi probably just wanted Akstar to help their 2nd quarter results since Xenogears likely did well for them in the first quarter.

  21. AbadonXXX より:

    ”why that drawback?”
    me: because soggy bread becomes moldy?

  22. dvdmethod より:

    “Enable the Whale’s cry, I mean they heard that this week when we saw Crimson coming,”
    I spit out my water with that one.

  23. Garrett Wies より:

    Not gonna lie. The moment I saw this I ran over to reddit just to read all the salt.

  24. Tyler より:

    *Crimson, we’re shipping you and your 1992 multipliers back*

  25. EscaExcel より:

    Well at least I can save up lapis for another month…

  26. Luiz Pedro Peixoto より:

    I’m really angry! I want Akstar asap! Gumi suck so much!

  27. Dragonmist19X より:

    It’s saying there is a higher rate up on the banner and a higher rainbow rate.

  28. Norman Kowalski より:

    Well it not all at ones we get time to get other units and not go and spend one after a anther like back to back great banners and he mite be the only great banner in May no over spending on other banners remember the first of the year all limited time banners all the problems

  29. John Klaus より:

    I’m ok with the wait. Waiting for Christmas was always better than Christmas Day for me as a kid.

    Not a kid now, so I relish the rewards of patience more than instant gratification.

    What most around me think is the best thing I’ve done in my life took almost 6 years from start to finish.

    And success was never assured.

  30. Paolo より:

    If akstar is not for this month, then why we gonna get a select ticket 19th?

  31. Shadowangel09 より:

    Not gonna try for him but if i end up with him I’ll get the tmr. Pretty good for CG Lasswell especially if you don’t have Hero’s vow dark. Anything for my AT chainers rn

  32. Yukio j より:

    Hey Howl, i have atm 48 Rare tickets, is this enough to get at least 1 Akstar?

  33. Edward Thatch より:

    Don’t get nervous guys , akstar will arrive on May 3rd Guaranteed info from an ffbe insider

  34. Luis Velez より:

    Saving all for better units . i am instrested in a more detail side to rain in paladia.

  35. Gregory Jenkins より:

    I’m relieved. Two skippable banners in a row for me! Now I want a GLEX FFIV unit instead of Rubicante…5* Palom Porom duo unit! The possibilities are endless. GUMI make it happen!

  36. Guardian より:

    Tiamat is one of the last bosses of FFT, that’s why I think it is the boss here

  37. Delicstory より:

    TBH I think this a slap in the face of the players for people to spend on weaker banners. And I’m upset because o wanted his stmr and tmr for sephiroth

  38. katondragonrider より:

    Nah they delayed roy out of his own story banner. I wasnt surprised that it happened to akstar.

  39. Gerardo Silva より:

    I got 2B so I don’t need another unit

  40. MarriedGamerDad より:

    But – my body was ready.

  41. GMR97 より:

    Well, I have more time to complete the storie.

  42. Keiz Hardy より:

    Nobody will pull for Crimson if we already have Akstar, makes sense that Gumi throw him first. Still it is bullshit lol.

    If Akstar comes first and it’s stronger then buff Crimson and problem solved.

  43. Rogue Seraph より:

    Ffs man, i’m hoarding for Akstar for a year now! Release him already Gumi!

  44. Syndie Ouellet より:

    That’s a sweet 2-H Fire sword, damn.

  45. Proverbz Her より:

    So Akstar delayed? Should I use my 5star select on sephiroth to get his STMR for 2B?

  46. SpecialNewb より:

    I never got a VotD so I’d be okay with a TMR that gives 60%.

  47. Joshua Ross より:

    I know some people might be happy about the extra time but I’m personally kinda pi**ed off at Gumi. I know they want everyone to keep spending but I’m also tired of them nickel and diming us with crappy bundles, low in game currency(trust coins etc.) and putting out banners that no one really gives a f**k about. I wish they’d realize that bundles should come with lapis amounts equal to the 100$ store lapis along with other incentives to make people feel better about spending money on the game instead of trying to bait us into spending by timing banners in shady ways. Honestly might start playing JP or just take another year off the game, which is a shame because I love the game but hate how they operate it.

  48. AstrayGT より:

    This banner is where I pretty much quit ffbe in jp so I’m excited to play with these up coming units. I was a little sad to see Crimson before Akstar but I was going to UoC him anyway. Which now brings it to 6 weeks after his banner ends. We’ll see what this Easter event brings. Hopefully it makes us calm down and not rage over this mad swap they pulled.