Magitek Warrior Terra & Adventurer Locke FINALLY Arrive! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius



The time is now for all you CG Terra fans out there! Magitek Warrior Terra gets her banner in FFBE FINALLY! Along with her water damage and breaker Adventurer Locke comes too!

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  1. Cuthawolf より:

    I love FF6 (it’s the best FF, fight me) and I love Terra, but I’ve gotta wait to see what her buffs look like before I make the call to pull. With AC Tifa in the far future, I’ve gotta be cautious.

  2. xdANGELbx より:

    Claic: Final Fantasy 6 Fans get their Heroine that they wanted!

    Me: Ha Haaaaaaaa………. Drugs

  3. crimsonraen より:

    It may have already been said.. but one of the bigger bummers about CG Terra’s weapon is that in Itemworld, you wont be able to get the 20% MAG bonus because it’s a sword instead of a rod. Boooo! haha

  4. Badminton Generation より:

    Shout out to Herbert the Pervert! I died Claic!

  5. Sin606 より:

    Awesome! Thanks Claic!

  6. Beard_Grizzly より:

    That’s not CG Leg— i mean, DFina…


  7. jrsmith bayberry より:

    Solution to multi-unit step-ups without guarantee for a specific desired unit: Put the UNIT in the exchange shop which would be exchangeable with 140 coins instead of the prism.
    This still makes you pull on the banner since you cannot UoC the UNIT after the banner is over.

  8. Jonathan Berry より:

    Of course you’ll get Locke. He’ll keep popping up when you go for those for those others units you want xD

  9. Final SeeD より:

    I adore Terra and Locke, but I just can’t pull for them. I am saving for CG WoL, Cressnik, King Behemy, and Black Mage Vivi.

  10. Xelgadis より:

    Being unable to UOC CG Terra makes me sad. Cause I don’t want Locke and Terra shares a banner with him. I was planning to UOC her if I couldn’t pull her originally. Same with CG WOL coming in the near future. But instead I wont be able to do that either. And I didn’t pull or want Galuf. xD … These are, like you said, the banners that will suck the most for me before the changes. But the rest is a welcomed change.

  11. Phillip Castetter より:

    Latyl latyl latyl! Insert Patrick Star meme here.

  12. Isabelle P. より:

    I like Terra a lot, simply rarely play with hybrids and truly waiting for cg Dark Fina. Alone on her banner, that’s cool!

  13. alexnuzlocker12 より:

    IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! I’ve been wanting Terra for a while now, and I’m glad she’s finally here. The only gripe I have is: why the hell is she blonde?! They could’ve kept her with green hair and just given her her in-game FFVI clothes to differentiate her from her 3* base form.

  14. Oni Satsugai Sha より:

    just a bit of a warning to those waiting for the war of the visions, if it has the same limit break system as alchemist code has don’t play it… alchemist code in the kaigan era requires you to obtain the unit over 30 times through summons in a an extremely diluted pool with abysmal rates, you can farm its shards (if the unit’s shards are even farmable) for 6 months to a year and this is 3 shards a day, however meta units or S tier units gives out 1 shard a day you need to farm it for over 2.2-2.3 years just to raise the unit to its maximum potential and i’m not kidding

  15. Adloquium Dubious より:

    As much as I love FF6 and Locke, I must survive for CG WoL

  16. Gleam Eyes より:

    Hey Claic, I had badluck with Rain too… 35k Lapis and not one Rain in there :(((((((((

  17. Oni Satsugai Sha より:

    Terra fans (me included…): FINALLY!!!

  18. Lukonatic より:

    This will be my last banner for FFBE and I will use everything to get CG Waifu. But I already know how its going to end… v.v

  19. ClutchEXE より:

    I think they should of buffed Terra TMR and stmr more.

    I am happy about 3* and 4* on banner tho. Latyl is cool

  20. hyphont より:

    I still want an updated Celes ;-;

  21. Omnilegacy より:

    I’m dodging this banner. I wonder who is going to be the next pop star collab after Katy Perry to be announce at the FFBE event on the 16th?

  22. drakovian13 より:

    Finally the CG terra people can get what they want and not tell everyone they are saving for CG terra on every banner review

  23. luedog9000 より:

    I’m going to be pulling for CG Terra because ff6 was the very first final fantasy game that I ever played back when it was released in North America as ff3 on the SNES back in 1994 and Terra Branford was the first character you could rename

  24. Brian Wise より:

    Definitely a Terra/Locke fan.

  25. Brandon Butz より:


  26. Xiao Mei より:

    … about FUKKEN TIME… but man… I am torn and devastated.

    … I had been waiting for CG Terra for so long… and now that she is finally here… it might be too late because I may have actually finally moved on to another game.

    … literally a week ago, I finally stopped keeping up with the dailies… and then right after that, I stopped keeping up with the events.

    … and NOW… now that she is finally here… we can’t use UOCs on future banners…??

    … guess I really am out of the loop because I certainly didn’t catch that bit of shocking news.

    … and my motivation to summon on this damn banner isn’t even getting any better because they still didn’t fix the log-in issue for certain devices.

    … so i’ve been playing on Nox and only have a hand full of Lapis to summon on this Step-Up while my main collection is being held hostage on my primary device that can’t even log into the game.

    … if this update doesn’t fix that log-in issue… I might have to hang it up for good… T^T

  27. Drew [makes] Beats より:

    Dude… we just got a CG unit. What are you doing, Gumi!?

  28. Kevin Winks より:

    When it comes to the fist weapon, i strongly urge people to use the builder to see if you have gear to benefit from the fist with king rain over a great sword, without fist support materias and equipment it might not be as strong. We will have to wait a month to be able to run the fist through IW.

  29. Zachary Henderson より:

    If I recall correctly, this banner in JP was a 50k step-up… sooo, GLEX continues to go beyond.

  30. Romar Hernandez より:

    Gacha being Gacha

  31. Tonberry より:

    How dare you say that you like Fina better than Terra? I’m gonna fight you alright!!! lol
    Terra is best gurl!

  32. keeponjammin456 より:

    Also, I envy your Galuf sir lol

  33. Coolie より:


  34. PrivateScoots より:

    I actually could use some better magic DPS/ magic tanks. My physical DPS is plentiful right now so I am looking for tanks/ magic DPS units for the time being. At least with CG WoL I may have the chance to get Magitek Warrior Terra as an off-banner rainbow (or even Sol/Charlotte)

  35. keeponjammin456 より:

    Kurasame’s STMR will be amazing for Magitek Terra…

  36. Cha0sSp3ar より:

    I just want cg Cecil to come out gonna go so hard for him, favorite final fantasy character and was my first tank when I started playing

  37. Neil より:

    What is a “full metal optimist”? Kidding. ‘Appreciate the hype-building even if you’re not interested in this banner.

  38. Justin Carpenter より:

    don’t care, pulling for locke, my favorite FF character and my only breaker is CG lid. So it’s either i get 7 star locke or I 7 star edgar and use him

  39. Chad Moore より:

    I love Terra, but probably going to be a ticket pull session instead of lapis pulls. Wish me luck!

  40. James Hodge より:

    Pretty nice Herbert the Pervert impression from family guy lol

  41. Goodjuice より:

    Its a skip from me after getting karten, I’m feeling a lot of the mages recently havent been pulled for, last one i went for was sol which was probably foolish and only ended up with the single pull from the lap.

    I’ll just do a couple tickets for king mog rewards probably abd save rest tickets for later date :3

  42. 3rdPartyOP より:

    Now that I have King Rain, saving for FMA is priority.

  43. Imozart0341I より:

    Is there an event calendar to see what banners are coming up? F2P Trying to save Lapis for WoL.

  44. Demiplane より:

    Heroin lol Terra crackheads

  45. daniTHEwani より:

    Saving for CG Dark Fina, it’ll be even more worth it with the Summon Fest changes and rate ups

  46. shinra358 より:

    Do reduce damage items by 10% stack? I remember thats on a pendent i got too.

  47. Hạ Tấn Thành Danh より:

    SKIP! Saving for Christmas and CG WoL and I’m just went back to F2P.

  48. TLparkZ より:

    My wallet: BOOOOOOOO!