Sol Gets Enough GL Love To Be A Top Mage! Banner Review – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Time to review the big evil bad guy that just hit FFBE on a banner Sol! His GL buffs were enough to change him into a top damage dealing unit in the meta along with making him SUPER mana hungry!

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  1. Lionxheart より:

    So Sol is transgender?

  2. Risto Peter より:

    You think he is stronger than the girl that came out with Kaito?

  3. Lonely Sloth より:

    my thoughts on sol are hes gonna be really handy for the bloody moon trial and i like his character and lore and stuff so ill definately be pulling for him but i think like you said if you skip him youll still be fine

  4. popchaser より:

    either wiki is wrong or Gumi nerfed Sol right before today….sage wisdom listed as lasting 5 turns, but in the game, it only last 4 turns….

  5. Shun Wolf より:

    I want to see Weiss the Immaculate

  6. Red Rogue より:

    I feel like HS Ultima tends to get overlooked when talking about mages. Quadcast with Dispelja in the mix is very helpful and I can usually almost fill everyone’s LB with return+Twister. She has AMoE chaining with elemental debuff for three very common elements. Mine is sitting nicely capped at 2539 mag with a spare materia slot for ailment resist or hp, depending on what I need for the situation. Sad to hear her name never even mentioned, at least even Golbez gets called out, even if its for all the wrong reasons.

  7. Shirodragoon より:

    I have a 2600 Tsukiko, do I need him? And is her staff worth an STMR moogle if I have 50% in all of Claic and Howl’s STMR recommendations. I’m thinking Tsukiko, Esther or Eleana for a 100% moogle.

  8. Chris Wilson より:

    “Tsukiko, I’d like to mess around with her” Claic 2019

  9. CinderSquall より:

    since I already have 1 copy of both KFina and Tsukiko I’m pretty ok when it comes to mages so Imma save up my lapis… although I do hope I pull dupe for either KFina, Tsukiko or both so that I can actually use them properly… although Tsukiko is actually performing great even as a 6* on my team as an breaker/support damage dealer

  10. Vee Clash より:

    sol is a hard skip for me. i have kimono fina and tsukiko already. also you really only need so many mages when elena already handles sooo much content that previously required magic damage.

  11. Kristian R より:

    I could care less about this banner I just need the lapis from the story event lol

  12. arpilothazard より:

    I’d love to use him and Kimono Fina but Chaos Wave has never worked right on my phone, even with macro apps. I really wish they’d make chaining more reliable.

  13. Brian Wise より:

    today i got the third free 5* ticket, and to my horror i pulled my second neverending horror…i mean hope. Also, don’t care for Sol. love Terra.

  14. Jeff Watson より:

    I was saving for Sol, but Kimono Fina came along and jumped to the top of the charts right before Moon dropped. Got exactly one of her from her step up. Being a day one completionist, I UoC’d her second copy and used her for Moon. No regrets. Now it appears mages drop back to the background as far as trials go, so will hang tight for now.

  15. RMD00 より:

    Waitin for the Evil Tree Man himself, ExDeath in his 5* form…or 5* Cloud of Death. Whomever comes first.

  16. DegenTP より:

    I didn’t like Sol in the story at first but he grew on me!

  17. Brian Moxham より:


    They should have dropped him BEFORE they killed him…SMH

  18. Maxie Gross より:

    If youre stuck with Sol at 6*, his LB is a neat source of that quad cast and with enough lb fill rate plus the natural fill rate he comes with you can practically have quad cast all the time. His LB is rather on the low side in the term of cost so you can turn it into a pseudo-CD ability to unlock quad cast

  19. Ravi Sankar より:

    I thought Heliarc was female too lol

  20. Leopold より:

    I got Aerith and Myra 7*, but got a single WL Lenna from an EX ticket. Is she worth using UoC for a second one? Aerith has the best LB when you need AoE auto revive, otherwise i use Myra when i don’t need that. There is also my 6* Folka.

  21. LilT2o00 より:

    Sol downvoted this video

  22. chaoslongshot より:

    Went semi hard on him got a prish and ran out of lapis, makes me sad cause i wanted my lovable nemesis to go with all my rain’s!

  23. Omnilegacy より:

    My Sol will be crushed.. if I don’t get the unit

  24. Pipen Depu より:

    I already have *7 HS Ultima, is it worth to pull Sol? Or just skip?

  25. Umbreonic より:

    Love him so i pulled and got like 6 rainbows in 40 tickets. Really excited to use him and need Sol friends! And also claic, is his LB redeemable with his skill that increases lb damage 75%?

  26. Cipherly Knight より:

    Is kimono fina good? I got her to seven star but dont use her as my main mage.

  27. Zak Storm より:

    I’m debating if I wanna do this because on one hand I already have Malphese, and on the other Sol would be perfect to match with Circe, my main mage

  28. Wro Ken より:

    Sol is the real MVP

  29. lou gait より:

    Sol is a skip for me for same reason you said Claic. Never liked his character

  30. Ambassador Tokarev より:

    Hard pass here. Circe is my favorite looking mage and she still puts in a ton of work so I think I’ll be fine a little while longer.

  31. Rew T より:

    I wouldn’t mind having another Octoslash unit. Makes me happy to see them. 😀

  32. Siklad01 より:

    Heliarc is a dude claic haha

  33. coconuttyboy より:

    skip again

  34. Sean-Paul F より:

    CG Hebi Waifu BAE Dark Fina for me only. Saving everything for her

  35. WhykeyC より:

    I need Tsukiko friends T_T

  36. Dejuan Code より:

    Like tsukikio better uoc her instead

  37. rjr2992 より:

    Sol can equip helms

  38. Papyrus Super Spagity より:

    My Second account got Two of him from 10 tickets.
    I tried with 4 tickets on main, but can’t risk diving too much, will wait for a better banner.

  39. David Rhodes より:

    I am on the opposite side when it comes to Sol. I initially hated him, but once he *spoiler* and started having a larger role, I LOVED every scene with him; thought he was such a well done character! But sadly I will only do some ticket pulls cuz there are some characters I like more on the horizon, and as f2p, i gotta be picky. May uoc him though, we’ll see.

    Great review, Claic! You’re making me want to pull for Sol even though i shouldn’t. Keep up the great work.

  40. Ahmed Al-Rawi より:

    I’m really glad they buffed him
    he is a cool and kinda important character in the story and so hyped they buffed him
    unfortunately i can’t pull for him but if i do get a copy from tickets or random rainbow i’m UOCing a 2nd one
    for sure.
    if i get him he is going to be the mage i use for a long long time

  41. VegetaEx より:

    Pulled already one and will do the Step Up and Bonus Summon too. Love Sol as a Character so much as you like Rain so its only natural to spent everything possible to get 4 of him for 2 chaining^^

  42. MegaKeikoku より:

    We need your SOL

  43. Brandon Butz より:

    Awsome frist one nice