March of the Demons Trial Guide! That First Attack is a DOOZZYY! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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Hey all! Just wanted to show you how I took down the March of the Demons trial in FFBE this week and try and give some tips and tricks on beating this pesky trial.

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  1. Claic Yuzolt より:

    Hey guys! So I have been FINALLY made to understand, it’s early okay haha, that taking toxic rain or using someone or an equipment that can blind, paralyze, sleep the boss you can avoid the multiple dots or attacks from the boss altogether!

    I kept not understanding why it mattered with a full evade tank until I ran it again and was like WAIT he puts multiple dots in your booty!

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Darth Rangus より:

    I tried this boss 1 time last night, and got wiped right off the bat, and was like “Yea…….screw this…..another trial boss I’m not completing.” lol
    But, I totally forgot, I got super enhanced CG rina now, so Ima do this 1 more time I suppose.

  3. Chidi Akara より:

    I don’t wanna give this away.
    But the lantern is not immune to poison.
    This is a bigger deal than anyone here can possibly imagine.

  4. Chris Soriano より:

    Thanks Claic for your Kaito! The LB kill works with his LB DoT! I used a 3 person party, an evade Zarg and evade Ling (I know you love her) to use Rejuvenate and Dance of Death to keep the lantern paralyzed/poisoned. And of course, your Kaito.

  5. Ellisar Gamer より:

    I did it with Wilhelm – high hp high def no evade, Esther, MS Nichol, Sylvie, Loren, and LM Fina. It was a female dog, got it on my 6th try after RNG decided to stop fornicating me completely. I had toxic rain on Loren, probably should of looked into weapons with paralyze, sleep, or confuse for Loren (and a water weapon) and possibly Wilhelm (occasional counters) since that would have helped immensely. Used a water great sword on Esther. Nichol and Loren had 80-100 fire resist everyone else had 40-50. Loren had 40% evade and LM Fina had Rico Wingsuit. I would not recommend the route I took although I did get all missions but the no ko, it was a stressful enraging experience I would not like to repeat again, I was down to 2 people a few times and people just died a lot.

  6. jmooj より:

    I brought MS Nichol, Ayaka, Sylvie, a full evade Wilhelm, and Randi with a friend Randi. Undine’s water imbue on him is sick, he can be built for evade super easily, and he’s got natural fairy killers on top of that. He just tears right through this lantern.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough gear to have everyone evade, so Sylvie and Ayaka ate it on the first turn. But subsequent turns? They just laughed at everything as Randi and Randi murdered the lantern.

    The toxic rain thing definitely helps too, if you need it to.

  7. Alex Ast より:

    Ummm, my 17k health and 130% fire resist awakened rain got one hit by it, what should i do

  8. Jeffy B より:

    Evade seig, cg fina, cg Nichol, Sylvie and dbl esther worked great for me

  9. Jeffy B より:

    110 difficulty MY ASS..that being said I beat his ass down, but the first time I went in expecting to crush him I was sadly mistaken. 2nd time he was my ugly bitch

  10. DKfitnerd_87 より:

    I had to resort to paralyzing the boss, but man was this a tricky one!

  11. Luis Gómez Guzmán より:

    I made it on my tenth try lol

  12. Raxisabominae より:

    The normal lantern has disappeared entirely for me… So idk

  13. lolzBEAT より:

    Awesome video! Now i have a reason to craft Rico’s Wingsuit!

  14. Del Stewart より:

    I was doing ok and my lb chain only took him down to around 15% hp and he did something and wiped my whole team. Before that, I was surviving fine

  15. Nick Zotixx より:

    Summer fid was a lifersaver with cg fina when theyre times fina couldnt use her aoe reraise so fid covered that on certain situations also her water imbue saved the day i made sure fina used charm protection to make sure i didnt screw myself over

  16. Jones より:

    Relatively new player with not much TMRs or STMRs or 7 star units, this is legit impossible to do
    So to all my fellow noobs, don’t waste your energy on this

  17. Garret Biggerstaff より:

    Make sure you have your unit that can survive the alpha equipped with Toxic Rain. I used this during my successful fight and kept locking him down with Sleep and Paralysis.

    I also managed to build a 100% passive Provoke/Evade Sieghard… need Moogle Plush and Yellow Balloon to pull it off.

  18. Epyonwings より:

    Well this is bad.

  19. Biel Grassi より:

    Hela helpful

  20. AstrayGT より:

    This is why using that stmr moogle for a survivability item rather than a offensive one is a great idea 😉

  21. David Romo より:

    THANK YOU¡¡¡

  22. TonyBA より:

    i didn’t even bother with this one after the first attempt. it was really demoralizing just seeing my Elena as the only one who lived XD couldn’t really do much of anything after that, sadly so i just quit)

  23. sunchips69 より:

    i had to put full evasion on my noctis so i could have room for toxic rain and it looked like 55% evade on ayaka was enough. after the initial reraise it was easy enough for circe water chains but im never getting that no KO clear haha

  24. Emeraldtrinket より:

    Awesome video
    I won’t be able to do this cause I don’t have the stats to live through it

  25. tbarry12 より:

    Kryla was my mvp for this it took a little bit to get her lb off but once I did he never got another turn fortunately I was able to get both her and my cover tank to 100% evade and fire resist so she only took the dot and it wasn’t enough for her to be taken down

  26. HeroicPunch より:

    Finally beat him. Used a 6* Noctis with full evade and dual wielding (he was just at 6 star, no need for 7.) Used his fire flask to put sleep or paralyze on the boss. Used Wilhelm to live though the preemptive attack. Used Wilhelm to phoenix down my healer. Healer raised the party. Then 2 shot him with Esthers. Took 2 tries.

  27. Jessie M. より:

    Aww.. he hearted my comment! Sweet! Lol, but seriously though your tutorials on how the beat trials have helped me since the beginning. You helped me beat gilgamesh when he first came out.. and dark ifrit and dark shiva.. remember them? That was back when noctis was the man.

  28. Web Morris より:

    I used a WOL with 100% evasion and 100% fire resistance and Esper phoenix to withstand the preemptive attack. And the rest of allies were Cerius, Xon, Malphaise and Circe and friend’s Elena. That’s all. It wasn’t hard.

  29. karim dib より:

    If you have two esther, you only want to use the CD on only one of them.
    The others one can dual cast the atk buff/triple cast and the imbue (which is on the skill costing 35 mp)
    So you can use the second esther CD later.

    Nice vid as always

  30. Clifford Yeung より:

    Thanks for this! It was a huge help!

  31. Remmy 123 より:

    Good vid. Helps me form a strategy.

  32. Chad Garrett より:

    When you said Guts, I was like, dude, if they had a Berserk collab that would be the tits. haha Wishful thinking on my part.

  33. luis baez より:

    Just put toxic rain on any tank and you dont have to worry about anything

  34. Finley G より:

    i don’t know why, but this boss reduces the damage of my units, and they can barely do any damage. and what’s with the DoT? its a murder. 2 Esthers, Fully evade Willy, Ayaka, Sylvie and CG Nichol got wiped like nothing

  35. Vyth より:

    Rewards arent worth the headache

  36. Doug o より:

    Cg fina with rico wingsuit and 100% evade tank were the champs. And a little rng luck. But if you can get damage through the boss seems to be super flimsy and should go down in 2-3 turns… big if though. Definitely not a trial made for new players

  37. Richard Lee より:

    I tried it once to see how it will go, all died before my turn, hahahaha.
    Tried the second time, all my attackers died, only my healers and supports were left then they died the next couple of turns, hahahahaha.
    It is nice that we cant just use our one4all party and need to tweak it from times to times.
    I am basically running my tmr farm team for all other events.

  38. my world of void ff より:

    Just get him to sleep and that’s it

  39. Th0rn4s より:

    100% evade Esther + 100% evade Jiraiya (50% fire resist + 1 aoe mirage buff) + Beowulf for dispel/break + status ailments. Didnt matter that everyone else died to pre-emptive.

  40. Darryl Calloway より:

    Youkai Lantern is gonna be a REAL bastard in the chamber of Vengeance

  41. Jessie M. より:

    Thanks claic

  42. Raigheb より:

    My biggest problem with this fight is that the rewards dont match, at all, the difficulty of the fight.

  43. Adjective より:

    great tutorial, i can use the same full team, but something I would like to see for others, is in the beginning have some sprites shown and briefly explain their roles, (other units good for this fight/replacements for your comp) visual explanation is very helpful (hence why youtube videos are great for tutorials.) I know its not a Main kind of boss, but still a pain in the ass and I think that would be a nice addition to your videos. Thumbs up bud thanks!

  44. Kai Chang より:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but toxic rain really works wonders for stalling, especially if you need a turn or two to heal, buff, reraise, etc

  45. Phoenix Down より:


  46. grim reaper より:

    nice! this boss was definately a pain in the ass. thanks for the hard work and the guide. it was helpful.
    i went with the water route. tsukiko helps with the 100% imperil. if you dont have her, there other units too like folka who can apply a water break. i used units and equipment that could either evade the first attack or have the guts. the first time i did it, i didnt use a companion because no one on my friends list was equipped for the fight at the time.