Biggest MISTAKES You Make in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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Some of the most made mistakes when it comes to the decisions players make in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. From units, to misunderstood mechanics and equipment. Here are the most often made mistakes players make in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and how to avoid them.

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  1. Troy Addict より:

    Thank you howl I had some bad friends before just having damage dealing units characters like hyoh ,hyoh hyoh but no killers and no resistance no nothing!!

    Please tell other YouTube’s to make videos like this to let these players know to set up for friends and events

  2. Neprune より:

    the break table is actually not up tp date, more recent bosses have passive stats which makes breaks slighlty less breaking between them and of course from the enemies unlike past bosses that had flat stats and a 75% break woulbe mean a 100 def (or any stat for example) would turn into 25, so now a boss with a 20% stat passive and 100 der, for example now has 45-50 def when broken.
    Its still a massive decrease but the break stops beign a 75% break
    Edit: i actually got enough for 2 astreas, so my elena is gonna be rocking while each of those get enhanced

  3. shin23 より:

    My biggest mistake was unbinding game, now i cant bind it!!

  4. AquaPlay7 より:

    You shouldn’t link your account to ffbe equip, it says it’s a 3rd party application and can get your account banned when linked

  5. Matheus Ricardo より:

    Fundamental Forces led me to a 2nd Elena TMR, come at me Item World!!! Haha

  6. Bruno Biagini より:

    Man i wish all the world see ur video.
    I hate when i want a frient for a trial and all i see is ppl that care about numbers.
    A lot of esthers with titan or elena with fenrir.
    Ppl that dont use lb damage materia on esther just to up de atk number.
    I saw a video that the guy show a build for esther with full stmr and no killer, no lb damage materia 3k atk thinking that was good, i put in the build and my esther with 2400 atk deal more damage than his 3k just because of the lb damage materia.

  7. tnix88 より:

    Great idea for a video, im sending this to my friend.

  8. Clint Mc より:

    Glad you showed me this… I always ignore killers and I even have stmr level killers… thanks man. It might also be cool to go over some things we may be doing wrong with tanking? I know for the longest time I would do both physical and magical cover and didn’t realize only one could be active at one time. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Jamie Craighead より:

    Fusing an Ace before 7* was a thing sure hurt.

  10. G B より:

    Come on Howl, no Banana Sandwich damage mitigation tiers?

  11. Antares より:

    Dont chase the meta. Work with what you have.

  12. Grawlix より:

    California Labor laws mandates that if you’re doing work, you need to take a sufficient break(er) or your employer will get fined and you risk getting fire(ja).

  13. Oliver Schwarz より:

    anyone who wants a 300% man eater Zeno, 220 M Machine killer elly n stuff feel free to add 🙂

  14. Daniel Edwards より:

    When I first started playing I spent lapis to buy keys for locked chests. I didn’t realize you could craft them. I have so many extra keys.

  15. drakovian13 より:

    Thank you lort. Maybe I’ll see less E-peen fenrir Elenas now

  16. CyberGhost42 より:
  17. MDRLOz より:

    Would you please stop over hyping the break upgrades. Yes the % of each increases sounds good. But the amount of reducing is of the remaining amount of the damage. It is a silly way of inflating what is happening and sensationalizing it. You really only need the top line of that chart. A 60% break causes -84% damage and a 70% break causes -91% damage. Doesn’t sound as amazing now does it…

  18. Алексей Сидоров より:

    Excellent and comprehensive. Quite helpful for the others out there. Keep up the good work.

  19. DANMAN TUNES より:

    as a player that has been playing for 3 years, I never gave breaks that much credit…..this video has changed my mind. Thank you Howl!

  20. Daniel Knueppel より:

    I have trouble getting people to equip their units at all now days.

  21. Dan W より:

    Killers are your best friend over attack boost % in most cases.

  22. Benasr Haylem より:

    Bro, they don’t want to help, they just want to show us how big of a dick they have. That’s all what there is to it. Personnally, I have a few friends I know, that I can ask to set their unit the way I want it, otherwise I don’t even bother with the friends units…

  23. Wilmgaard より:

    Love the coverage on breaks, really an underrated job given how much of a difference only %5 more makes!

  24. Not Pilled より:

    I always forget and farm king mog with 2 5* bonus units, instead of making one 7 star with them, and using the free slot for another bonus unit.

  25. ValiantGoat より:

    I’m surprised that Angel Slayer didn’t get mentioned. Sell it BTW. 🙂

  26. Toxic11 より:

    Thank you Howl. You have no idea how frustrating it is seeing a bunch of Elena’s with fenrir equipped because hurr durr hybrid. -_-

  27. Bloodhaze より:

    i sold the safety bit 🙁

  28. Benasr Haylem より:

    I wonder if the “dOn’T tEl’L mE hOw tO pLaY” smartasses will show up here…

  29. Burning Karma より:

    My go to team rn is
    Myra, CG char, Sylvie, Fid, Zeno

    Attempt anything cold and usually still win with that setup

  30. Black Pearl より:

    Falling asleep while doing trials…

  31. tbarry12 より:

    selling the malboro tentacle, i hear that one’s a common newb mistake

  32. skyblu3ers より:

    Im new player … just wanna ask what is “break”?

  33. morkalavin より:

    Hundreds of Friend requests incoming..!

  34. Murat Kazdal より: