Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Unit Reviews, Guides, Rotations – How to use Lord of the Seas Nichol!




One of the best support units in the game has arrived – much, much earlier than expected. However, is he an incredible investment, or a temporary trap?


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  1. Rune905 より:

    A couple of correction from your video. Nichol’s Leviathan-field doesn’t boost the team’s water dmg by +25%; it actually imperils water by -25% which is arguably more useful. He actually does have a water imperil, it’s a -120% from his (Flood+2). Other than that, great video as usual.

  2. crimsondemonx より:

    I got him from my first ticket this morning hahaha, and people ask me why I dropped dokkan battle lol

  3. Rodrigo Cuevas より:

    I didn’t know this unit, but I like Nichol and I pull for him,1 ticket and I got him, then I was very confusing watching his kit, now i understand how good he is.

  4. Owen Edwards より:

    I ended up pulling, as I actually didn’t realise how useful he is, I stand by my original point in that he deffo could have used some upgrades, especially on his stmr, but overall, much better than I thought.
    Loved the vid as per usual and I’ve decided that once I get around to clearing trials again (haha haven’t done that in ages) I’m going to build his BS as a support chainer, buffer for fun as quad cast cwa water is useful ontop of his already decent kit of water amps

  5. Aivirrn 3 より:

    I got a NV with a ticket and thought it would’ve been Nicole… It was Firion

  6. Pilu より:

    imagine gumi doing a dual banner with tifa and sephirot

  7. Ivan Moreira より:

    Going to use some tickets to try my luck, who knows. He pairs well with Lunafreya too.

  8. seiryux04 より:

    Gottem off a single ticket, now I gotta get Tifa.

  9. Shadow Zypher より:

    Got him in the free weekly pull… Not sure how much I will use him because I have white dragon ling ex1.

  10. TheArchyPY より:

    Hopefully 1 month of FF7 banners is coming

  11. Tempest より:

    I used 18 tickets and got him. Nichol is a favorite character of mine so I really wanted this version. He seems really good.

  12. fronswath より:

    He is someone I want just because I like the esper units but with ff7 content on the horizon I’m going to hold off and hope for a rando down the line
    Granted last time I said that was NV Zidane and I went and got him afterwards mostly for the compensation they ended up giving out

  13. dario hernandez より:

    Thanks for sharing, pal. Nothing interesting for this week, though.

  14. Cuthawolf より:

    If I had the Lapis I’d pull for him since I’m 100% going for Tifa, but I’ve gotta marshal what resources I have.

  15. Golden Fox Gaming より:

    The amount of fuckery with actual content for global players is astonishing.