FFBE – Pulling for Noppy





Hey everyone! I decided that I want to have Noppy because the sprite is lovely and I can see a future where she might be useful in DV. I will talk more about this tomorrow in my review though. I am planning on using about 20 Tickets and all my EX tickets. Let’s check the result!

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  1. silentstand より:

    Gz im skipping in hopes that hawkeye is next week

  2. Inkcross より:

    Congratz on getting her XD (I’m also pairing her with Vinera)

  3. Mark Gaffaney より:

    Great pulls my friend!! ~ninknight18

  4. Vez's より:

    I only used two regular tickets and got Noppy. I don’t need to summon anymore.

  5. TheProphetOfHate より:

    Noppy is such a bad but interesting unit… that 10x mod boost to ALL attacks could be pretty decent for def ignoring attacks or those that force crit, and rarer still those which also have multiple damage instances. But the rest of the kit is soo lack luster I just cant justify chasing it. I can see a few units coming that will get a 20-25% base damage increase from that buff, but in the era of LB’s and jump dps I dont think that will be enough to bring chaining/finishing back.

    Seems like a unit you could use to pull off a few interesting meme teams, but not quite a dream team unit… unless we get a competent non LB chainer/finisher with def ignore, crit, AND multiple damage instance chains/finishers. Otherwise that 10x will be a drop in the multiplier ocean required for chainers to compete with LB/jump units.

    NVA elena tho might be interesting, it will be kinda funny when she is better than Starlight elena.

  6. Francis Talastas より:

    I pulled him on the free summon. I didn’t get why though. I thought it only included units from before 6/17?

  7. born to be gamer より:

    nice pull finally a pull video last week was kinda meh unit i mean season 3 unit xd