What to STMR Moogle! A Video I Thought I Would NEVER Make! – [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius



So I don’t like giving people advice on TMR or STMR choices in FFBE as I don’t know their accounts or what they need specifically and it is pretty tough to make a decision when so many unknowns are there. HOWEVER, this time I feel like I can at least tell you what I would tell my best friend and hope it helps you spend your STMR moogles better!

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  1. Randy GD より:

    So Claic thinks I’m his best friend?
    Finally, someone cares…….. ^_^

    Serious question though, if a unit has Null resistance to something from equipment and then I use Folka’s ability to raise resistance in battle, does that mean that unit now has 200% resistance to that status?

  2. shiningdragonz より:

    Did it get easier to chain in latest update? I been one-handed Sparkchaining Aereole Ray like it was nothing

  3. Andy Patt より:

    Ravenheart? But also I’d stress using on limited time units that u have 2 or 3 of since you can also UoC normal units

  4. mlburkh より:

    I completely agree with Rinoa. I’m proud to say I’ve pulled a total of 5 of her unit. It looks as though the materia can stack, also.

  5. tbarry12 より:

    I would say Basch’s stmr is one of the best- 50% hp and 30% spirit can benefit healers and magic tanks in a massive way

  6. Tianqi Fu より:

    u want use ur moogle on limited time only units, since other units can be uoced. and uoc is useless later since they gonna do summon fest. So i am using one for my bahamut’s tear and other limited units

  7. Chris Kline より:

    I think if you turned to your best friend Coolie would tell you to shut up you’re not my real dad.

  8. BlitzVGC より:

    I thought they were 100% not 50 or I wouldn’t of spent 50$ on it…

  9. SparkyG より:

    Are you doing the Snake DIet too? I’m down 15 lbs in 3 weeks, so far so good! As for the STMR moogle I am going to wait to see how Christine and Kryla’s STMR’s get boosted before making any decisions.

  10. cuyospartan02 より:

    I’ll maybe get fayt clothes

  11. olong jhonson より:

    My 2b is getting it all day finally she can rock ashen ember and go all out tdh and lb damage it’s going to be glorious

  12. Shaun Roach より:

    Thanks for making the video!

  13. Tianqi Fu より:

    that bundle man the bait.

  14. Jeremiah Joseph より:

    My Team is 7* Zarga, 7* Elena, 7* Merc Ramza, 6* Summer Lid and Fina and 6 Star Ayaka. I’m torn between Zarg and Ramza atm. Also I’m at 10 UoC tickets, 7* Ayaka or Lid and Fina?

  15. carterjaleel より:

    You do great work Claic my brother. Relieve yourself of that pressure because you and all the other content creators do such amazing vids for this game. If people can’t make their own decisions on what they want to moogle and instead choose to rely on you or Howl or G4G for that information they can’t and shouldn’t be mad/upset at you guys. You’re steering them in the right direction but ultimately the decison is that person’s to make. Period. Keep up the great work!

  16. G B より:

    Claic’s got Shortcake for days. That being said, that is the ONE I will probably get 🙂

  17. Phill より:

    Claic, Imperial Armor from Willhelm is a good one because it is the top tier armor AND it free’s up Willhelm’s shield slot for something with better defenses and elemental resists. Currently his TMR shield has 64 def and spr, which is good, BUT it has no elemental coverage. Equipping his STMR would give him his TMP and still let you equip a shield.

    Also his armor is probably BiS for Charlotte if you don’t need an elemental resist body.

  18. Noir Rain より:

    I’m gonna get squall stmr for Esther.

  19. xvxvcaspervxvx より:

    It’s because weapons with high attack are more commonly outdated than gear with high stats/elemental resist/status immunity.
    Survivability and sustainability are worth more in the long run than units/equipment that simply boost attack. And this is intentional. Trial bosses cannot be OTK’d and will punish you if multiple HP thresholds are met.

  20. C J Miller より:

    Great video man! What kind of diet are you doing? JW

  21. ShadowElza192 より:

    I am going with Elly as she is my only time limited seven star. Everyone else is either in the pool or come back with the seasonal ones

  22. AstrayGT より:

    I’m gonna use my big brain to find something that works for me 😉 Also, you’re looking great! I’m also doing a fasting diet to see what my food sensitivities are, hope it works out for you!

  23. Patrick McGinnes より:

    The real question is do I fuse my 2 7* Elly together, or do I get 2 of her STMR… I know one thing for sure, I wait until Grim Lord Sakura, and other limited time units get reworked… because Grim Lord Sakura’s STMR is pretty defensive Kryla could end up being boosted as well… Christine? Who knows. Let’s see what happens.

  24. Allaster Crown より:

    I’m going for Dracu Lasswell’s STMR for my Esther’s epeen!
    Then I’ll go for more survivability hahahaha
    Also it sucks that my payday for the last week of July is the smallest one of the year, so i wont be able to get that one…
    I REALLY need to get a credit card at this point hahaha

  25. Cressida より:

    I find it extremely ironic that the only stmr that I have is the one you don’t.

  26. LaW より:

    I Will save mine for Cg lightning stmr .

  27. Calvin Lee より:

    Claic – First!!!! You FAILED to remind your fans of ONE SALIENT FACT: Once you use the STMR moogle on whatever unit you were originally waiting for, or not, you will likely get THAT particular 5star base unit on your next pull… thereby wasting that STMR moogle… The couple of times I’ve used my UOC only to get the that UOC’d unit on my next on-banner pull getting the off-banner unit… et cetera… you all know what I am talking about!!!! *lol*
    Otherwise, I have to agree with you for the most part… ATK and MAG generally can be boosted and what not – or else you take a few more turns to whack the boss. Survival is the key – and defensive/healing is the way to go especially with bosses that imperil, dispel, or other obnoxious procs/specs the boss dishes out. Of course if the STMR can be used for both offense and defensive – all the better. And not everything can be OTK’d… Anyways, thanks for the video of your preferences. It’s still cool to know what others would look at and choose and why.

  28. Khrystoph13 より:

    Grabbing Secret of Mana… More or less bought Randi to 7*/0% stmr. I want to push his limits and hopefully free up an ability slot for a killer materia or some other useful thing.

  29. keeponjammin456 より:

    I seem to get great STMR’s from troll 5*’s when going for something specific via a banner or whatever; it pisses me off so much at the time, but I think it works out great in the long run that way despite having to wait for God knows how long to get the elusive unit I was trying for in the first place lulz…

  30. Sun I'm Disappoint より:

    You forgot Gothic Amulet STMR from Dracu Lasswell which is BiS for doublehand and gives both physical and magic evasion

  31. Donald Bullock より:

    Thanks for pointing out Elly’s STMR. I had forgotten that one. I’m pondering Bahamut Tear as well for Esther.

  32. Alejandro DIAZ RODRIGUEZ より:

    Maybe I didn’t pay attention but your forgot to mention Noctis STMR. 20% to all elements and 20% to all stats. Amazing for sure!

  33. Juan Mendoza より:

    Cool list. If any of you guys wanna go offensive with the usage of the moogles there’s only 2 items I’d recommend because of their overall futureproofness. Ravenheart and Warrior of the Crystal.

  34. Xin Zhao より:

    I’m going all Attack weapons! Who needs Defense when you can 1 shot everything! XD

  35. Billy The Crit より:

    Waiting for 1 more UOC ticket to get elenas STMR

  36. Killer Boby より:

    I have not enough tickets only 4. Do you guys have more ?

  37. tesla tesla より:

    I think i Go with KH Sora STMR.
    Next would Go with WKN STMR

  38. Armand Nevarez より:

    Should I get the bahamut tear or two of Elena’s stmr? I have two of awakened rains, two Rinoas, two Judges oath, and one Mothers stmr. I have 2 of the bahamut tear units but I have 6 Elena’s… What do you recommend?

  39. sproulja より:

    I think I will go with Time Limited STMRs. Chow first, Sora second.

  40. Coach より:

    totally agree on the elements being high priority

  41. Your god より:

    I had 3 ramzas…


  42. 3rdPartyOP より:

    I was just about to ask if you could make a video like this and here it is. That’s why you’re Claic Yuzolt lol

  43. Elijah Haglund より:

    If I were giving advice I too would lean more towards support and survivability, and although I’m not the best equipped person in that regard my setup is extremely solid for most cases, I personally will be going for Elena’s STMR

  44. Nick Zotixx より:

    What’s funny is that most of the stmrs you mentioned i have them zarg, a.rain, marie, summer fitra. My options with stmrs now is sylvie, wilheim and summer fid

  45. Arthur Eckert Rüdiger より:

    Since we are counting limited time, I’d give an honorable mention to Viktor, 80% DEF + Sleep, paralyse, confuse and petrify resistance is all a physical tank could want

  46. Cody Powell より:

    Thank you Claic for this video! I was hoping you or Howl would do a video on this. Nice to know I have a few of them. Edgar’s and Elly’s got those rather quick. Glad you are taking control of your health. Tis something I need to do also. ^_^

  47. Johnbatista100 より:

    When do we get the free stmr moogle