FMAB is finally here! Let’s join the Brotherhood! [FFBE WEEKLY PULL]





Hi everyone! Welcome back to another FFBE weekly pull! In this episode, we are using our lapis and tickets to get the Elric brothers 🙂 ! Stay tuned and see if we need to pity them, or if we get lucky along the way!

0:00 Teaser
0:16 Intro
0:59 Andiee’s pull
12:01 Pat’s pull
23:52 Outro

Thank you all for the support and comments. We look forward to seeing you in our next video 🙂 !

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  1. Orlando Hernandez Gonzalez より:

    Congratulations on getting your dream units. I’m really happy for the both of you. Your luck definitely was on this banner.

  2. Odin1177 より:

    GG on the pulls. Very noice!

    Happy Birthday Pat

  3. David Lee Cheng Yong より:

    i got 2 from 40 pulls..

  4. dessfred より:

    The fanboy in me is happy, i got every units to 7* and NV only using 13.5 k lapis.
    Talking about anime, it’s impossible to watch everything and not everything is worth watching. Anime should be considered the same of as any tv shows: drama, comedy, action. I watched both The Crown and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at the same time and i certainly enjoyed it.

  5. silentstand より:

    Haven’t watched yet but I’m hoping these pulls are as fresh as pats haircut@!

  6. TFeezyDaUndaDog より:

    Always remember those coins can buy your dupes instead of wasting prism on them

  7. Stormwind より:

    Congrats on your pulls! I barely got them, 2 pulls before pity lmao I told myself I wanna save for NV sephy but they’re too good to pass

    Also planning on getting them Ex+2 for the free stmr, since there are shard packages + special shop exchange and the free 30 on log in bonus

    NV Edel’s stmr fits them so well. Got them at 5100 atk ex+1 temporarily, could’ve been higher but Noctis just excels better at dealing damage so Noctis gets the best equips hahaha

  8. Alistair B より:

    * the other reason I had to pity them was I dint get another Roy from my tickets I said I got Eric bros within 15 tickets out of 31 but then I need a few dupes of king brandly and Roy for them NVA. all tickets use up zero King Brandly & Roy.

    I had only one Roy last time but 7* King, got agreed but not Envy from tickets. Was the main reason too to pity Eric bros. I havnt regret it one bit after having serious thought, Eric bros is good for certain trails but diffo good for trails so them still meta.

  9. Alistair B より:

    don’t forget you also needs shards to get them into at least Ex2. Like me.

    I got Eric Bros within 15 tickets, them was the second NV, the first was Summer Faisy them now at Ex3.

    but that wasn’t the end I done a stupid thing because I put some money into the game £99.99 and £46.99 and pity them too doing so on the road to pity I had them come twice more and I pity him makes three and the tickets make four.

    the Eric bros are now sitting at Ex2 I wasn’t interested at first but them more of support they dish some damage but gives amps to party in they brave shift it were they good at. DV unit.

    And now done, I’m diffo skipping zidane, to get Neo Charlotte then the big one Neo Tifa and Neo Sephy. in FF7-R return and the two one that should last a month like in Jp.

  10. ThisPhenomenonV2 より:

    When your waifu pulls better then you the feels bad man

  11. Kewniereo より:

    Got them on my 10th pull so now I’ve got 2…there are a lot of fragments available in the special shop for VIP points so take advantage of them

  12. Hernán Roco より:

    Congratulations!!! Nice Pulls…

  13. Jay Sea より:

    Great pulls guys glad you got ed& al and congrats on the terra pull. I got the brothers on my 6th pull (incl the 4th free summon) 4 envy 3 roy 2 king bradley 2 edward and 1 alphonse and got greed on my free pull (had 3 roy and 3 king bradley and 2 edward from last time used my summon coins to get greed’s prism and 1 alphonse and cloud AC’s stmr from the coin shop (used vip coins to buy ed & al shards so tomorrow i can ex 2 them) im using an stmr moogle to get greed’s stmr

    Btw fma’s ending is pretty sad compared fmab’s ending i prefer fmab ending more

  14. Jay Sea より:

    I could never stop at 1 pull for a free pull because that is 22 units for 4500k (plus 2 summon coins) lol

  15. Justin Yang より:

    Great pulls for both of you! And lots of ON-BANNER rainbows! Congrats! I got my first on the sixth as well and second on the ninth pull, now saving to get another from pity.

  16. Ash Williams より:

    Hot Damn. You Got Them! Good Job! 😀

    I Am Still Small On Resources. 🙁

  17. Justin Yang より: