Vermillion Blade Ardyn Finally Comes to Global…FFBE News [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FFBE GL] | アプリのすすめ

Vermillion Blade Ardyn Finally Comes to Global…FFBE News [Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FFBE GL]





With Ardyn, comes the missing Chronicle battle to global, as well as a unique enhancement weapon event!

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  1. Deus Gaming より:

    How about that enhancement event?

  2. Kenji Gonzalez Hoshino より:

    Alright, Imma head out

  3. KoLe Bowyer より:

    I noticed that the wording for his jump skill doesn’t mention an element. Do you think they may have removed the element lock from that and kept his LB dark elemental? I looked back and Noctis’s wording still said “light damage” but this didn’t say anything about Dark

  4. Giordan Mangiliman より:

    Easy skip. Especially a dark finisher incoming by the name of Sephiroth

  5. Tom B より:

    i just want Ardyn’s stmr

  6. Ren The Villain より:

    Nope sorry waiting for neo sephiroth

  7. Jared J より:

    I am very conflicted here. Ardyn is my #1 antagonist of the FF series, but he didn’t get enough love and I don’t have gear for jumpers. The axe looks cool but there aren’t many units out there that can wield axes. and the 160 dmg is kinda low for today’s standards. Either way, Lunabae was the highlight of this banner in JP and hopefully we all got it.

  8. Sirbizzy より:

    finally a skip week

  9. jamesb497 より:

    30 to 50 tickets no more than that.

  10. Ashley Saji より:

    Where is the 7 star noctis buff?

  11. Esteban Banos より:

    Skip week for me ! I’m just waiting for Vivi… I hope the FF9 Banners will arrive soon ? I can’t wait x)

  12. Cosmo より:

    Easiest skip of my life.

  13. Jay Sea より:

    Blah event soooo tired of ffxv but at least there is a free draw

  14. bloodangelxx より:

    holy shit , A NEW AXE

  15. Mitchell noor より:

    Boring week…

  16. Alistair B より:

    Sinzar did discuss this weeks back dues on the FFBE podcast I was hoping they talk more about it., please look more to the passives.

    Gumi had merge the two rare into one.the super rare one had one passive but the other ones have two passives in one. 

    the very first IW never had Hp and attack on a weapon.

    anyhow fir me I’m may skip out on him I got the girl from FFBEWOV Vinnies finny she got dark Amp so there that but I do not think I got enough lapis is I pity Luna to get her Ex3 she more powerful them him anyways. then they Charlotte I’m saying up then after that FF7 remake.

  17. Mr H より:

    So ardyn he jump damage locked to dark? Same like noctic locked to light?

  18. Papyrus Super Spagity より:

    i didn’t notice the Axe was a one-hand weapon, this could improve NC Firon performance, somehow?

    Though do upgrade the FF15 related EQ, we may see them as upgradable to (STMR decent) when their CB comes by.

    I can’t believe that spear was under own noses 2 years ago with Gentiana, we could have crafted 2 of them, sigh.

  19. Papyrus Super Spagity より:

    Well, i wished it was a boss rush, but IW is okay i guess.

    Also, you EXPECTED Gumi to turn Ardyn into a different unit?! lol.

    I guess we maybe will see this GLex IW whenever they want to split a (2 NV unit banner), hope the EQ is Worth it.

  20. Andreas Larsson より:

    this has to be the weakest week in ages…i would be embarest to call myself a gumi employe….
    so this week we basicly got iw and chronicle battles, and thats pretty much Sums it Up…
    hell of a boring week

  21. F T K より:

    Was expecting fragment dungeon soon… hopefully..

  22. IslayToMuch より:

    Got the 12e summon twice, but it was so bad I stopped.

  23. James より:

    I’ll pass on this one I’ll wait til faris come back

  24. Gavin Tan より:

    Still on waitin’ on that EX+2 enhancements

  25. AzureDemonicGod より:

    Saving this week