🔥 ALL THE TERRAS! 🔥 2TKO Ancient Hellbringer EXT | FFBE | アプリのすすめ

🔥 ALL THE TERRAS! 🔥 2TKO Ancient Hellbringer EXT | FFBE




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I mean come on, I have four Neo Vision Terra, so I had to use all of them against Omega EXT! Beyond that, I also simply HAD to use an entirely FF6 team since I was already 2/3 there with just the Terras. NV Sabin may not be good, but Omega isn’t hard either so it worked out between the two of them. Then of course, Shadow because why not!

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🎵 Intro music is from TheFatRat’s “Mayday”: https://youtu.be/DT61L8hbbJ4
🎵 “TheFatRat 1 Million Subscriber Mega Mix” – https://youtu.be/3aY1Z15vTw0
🎵 “Omega M/F” from FFXIV – https://youtu.be/u7z_DzoxPzM


0:00 – Intro & Amazon Coins Promo
0:50 – The Party Build
7:34 – Omega Gets DOOTED



  1. TheMashingWachine より:

    Great vid! Any way you can help me beat whip whiskered beast with NV Terra. Been looking everywhere but all im seeing are Tifa OTKs. Thanks!

  2. wolfpax181 より:

    7+ minutes of build up for 2 minutes of DOOT. I’m lovin it.

  3. Shun Gaming より:

    Now that’s what you call overkill lol

  4. TorMora より:

    Mars you madman this is too many terras, TOO MANY.

  5. Trevor Tobias より:

    It brings back memories of “oops all finas”. Good times

  6. Messatsu Dragon より:

    Can never have too many neo Terras.

  7. Blaine Ross-Gruben より:

    Weird flex but ok, good to see you doing ffbe videos again

  8. RemindMeToCheck より:

    This video just cured my FFBE depression.

  9. soultakerx2 より:

    We love you Mars!

  10. Jamal DeGale より:

    Well this is unreplicable for me i should of never ex3 terra

  11. ZeromusNightmare122 より:

    I felt that silent disgust when you talked about WotV in that add of yours.