Global’s Roadmap for 2021 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius | FFBE GL | アプリのすすめ

Global’s Roadmap for 2021 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius | FFBE GL




This is my roadmap for ffbe global for the next few months of 2021, with comparable timelines and other predicted events happening meanwhile. SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Deus Gaming より:

    What kind of things do you hope for in the future?

  2. Martin S より:

    Dolby atmos, maxed volume, still can’t hear you at all

  3. McGuyverZ より:

    I think one of the fillers will be FanFest Units but that is just my opinion.

  4. Marvel Sutantio より:

    Honestly this year’s #RoadMap looks exciting since we’re actually catching to the JP side? The gap doesn’t feel too big after quite some time.

    I think on the first week of April we can definitely expect NVA Esther and Sylvie,…. and one more GLEX, maybe a true NV Esther for example.

    Seeing FMA returns kinda bring my hopes up for more NVAs and true NV units from other collabs such as Nier, Valkyrie Profile, Xenogears, etc.

    And if the game can maintain its success, who knows? Maybe we’ll get NVAs of Katy and Ariana. Or even new, true NV celebrity units. Remember, even Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto themselves admitted that both Katy & Ariana were a success and managed to draw new players into the game.

  5. Aaron Douglas より:

    Great video bro. Just a quick question how do you weigh whose more viable in the 5 star selection banner. I have seen people still use vaan and Locke, which I have one of each, but I wasn’t sure if I should invest into them or get a whole different unit.

  6. jamesb497 より:

    #Roadmap Lightning Main person I’m going for. then the Fullmetal tag unit then Noctis.

  7. Magical stuff! より:

    Good video I enjoyed it

  8. Dejan Milasinovik より:

    Do you know if we will still be seeing the fan festa units that were the winners few years back?

  9. XionosOrigin より:

    Honestly I am getting angry about the way things are going non gl. I’m almost to the point of quitting all together.

  10. Blæck Løtus より:

    Another new NV base magic tank that has a sprite that actually looks like a paladin/knight, instead of some beach girls.

  11. The Reaper Death より:

    lid and jake (for the stmr) fain and lumina is all im looking forward too lol

  12. Nathan Rose より:

    #roadmap keep the info coming Deus!

  13. Francis Talastas より:

    How long does this game have before it folds?

  14. Sin606 より:

    You didn’t mention the fan units, but I’m saddened by all the skipped units. #Roadmap

  15. Luca Gue より:


  16. AlKing GaMing より:

    Thanks for this roadmap Deus I hope season 3 units appear someway

  17. Mr H より:

    At global so many event was skip mean many lapis was skip.. damn

  18. Danny Ong より:

    Hey Deus! Nice video! Good job! I was hoping at least they gave us free pull weekly or daily. If no lapis, at least give 10+1 nv/rainbow pulls. It’s the least they can do. I just hope they gave us lots of lapis like how JP did. I was hoping NVA Esther and Sylvie then Dragon Quest, NV Rena / Fayt from SOA , if there’s limited time unit would recommend they bring back Tomb Raider collab. And also NV Adam Jensen. #roadmap

  19. kheechung より:

    Hmmm, they wouldn’t hold off Lasswell & Reagan and Fina & Rain team until their 5th Anniversary? They’ll have to come really good for the anniversary if this is the case.

  20. Jessie Durbin より:

    You forgot about the artwork winners and dragon quest that was said they are working on that global stream. Like the video good job

  21. Eileen より:

    i think its really bad for Global side if everyone always looked at JP side, because they knows what will coming then skipping banner, wait for meta banner. it just not good for Global side..

    but it is what it is..

  22. nww6v8 より:

    They might make good on either the story units we skipped like cleome, poppy, etc. Also they did say the fan made units would come as neovisions in first half 2021. My guess is somewhere around Easter, we often get some global exclusive. Probably lined up with when JP got Selena and Yoshi #roadmap.

  23. Sakura Sonics より:

    I hope they give us the damage cap percentage bar like in jp, season 3 story revisit quests and buff the older NV units in EX2

  24. Brandon Butz より:

    Thanks foe this looking forword for laswell and reagan