The MUST BUYS – King Mog : 3rd Anniversary Edition – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


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There is a GREAT many MUST GETS in the currently 3rd Anniversary King Mog Shop. BUT with everything being SO expensive what things are the MOST important! What CAN’T you miss out on in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’s current 3rd Anniversary Mog Shop?
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  1. Howl より:

    How many things ARE or DID you buy?

  2. Cid Highwind より:

    3 years and no Noctis, wow you have some weird jinxed luck on you. You get all great banner pulls but not Noctis and his ring? I have the total opposite I’m extremly unlucky with banner pulls but once in a while I get Noctis and some other generic but good enough not to weep character xD

  3. Azeem Ahmed より:

    Thanks for your recommendation Howl! <3

  4. Doug o より:

    Ring of the Lucii? Pfft… Aurora scarves for days! But for real, protec grappler or ring?

  5. James Hunter より:

    Managed to get 2 empty moggles from the anni ticks. No idea what to use them on. Might look through the tmr moggles i have

  6. Kanae Crichelle より:

    Got my all in harmony materia an uoc ticket grinding for that sword for my girl cg charlotte.

  7. Black Pearl より:

    Gah thanks howl, sort of forgot the anniversary coin exchange. That 3rd anniversary ticket gave me Rem STMR! (meanwhile I keep pull 5* units but no sign of esther zeno arghh)

  8. NooberNerd より:

    I play many games a day so I lost about 200+ Stamina Potion to get all EXTREMELY expensive UOC, Sword and materia. My Eiko now way lot more powerful with her high SPR. Other stuff are be ready for CG Charlotte. TBH, 40stm level extra monster appearance rate is pretty damn low compare to another king mog “normal” event. Even I have 5 7* Bonus characters in my team still got only 7500 ea from non bonus monsters. F2P btw

    I still thought that how the hell are other player that not have multiple 7* CG Base Characters to get all these stuff in the shop. How is this call a anniversary event if they force us to farm so many like this. I called Brutal, mate.

  9. Kyimo より:

    as soon as i saw the units with bonuses and the amount i knew the prices for things were going to be insane. if they increased the appearance rate for the chocobo eaters/bombs then it wouldn’t be as wbad, but even with 1200% with a friend so far i have only got the tickets, the sword and the materia for when equipped with a sword.

  10. BillyFreakinSeto より:

    “The Chocobo head, you can pick it up its pretty CHEEP”

  11. Windreaver256 より:

    For newer players, they’re definitely getting screwed a bit as they likely don’t have 5+ rainbows to take full advantage of the bonuses. For veterans it’s really not even an issue…

  12. Michael Hatch より:

    I have one of every 5 star summoner and cant get another, yet i have 3 stmrs for noctis… thats 12 of him…

  13. Masamune7610 より:

    Thanks for clarifying the prison moogle. I got one with the first 50 tickets bought in the king moogle shop 🙂

  14. selgeaus より:

    How did you end up with exactly 20k KM currency??

  15. CinderSquall より:

    actually got a moogle container… still undecided on which TMR to put in it… kinda thinking of going with one of the limited 5* TMRs I have

  16. Tyler Strong より:

    howl can u make a video on what tmr moogles is worth using on a prism moogle?

  17. VegetaEx より:

    Already have the Sword with Rare but only 5% HP and 5% Spr. Wilkl try to improve that and Lilith TMR will go to Aerith.

  18. Ryan Cavanaugh より:

    You know its bullshit that i haven’t been able to get on since the last update and been fighting with gumi

  19. J G より:

    I got two on my first fifty of then and thought they were common

  20. Brandon Mojica より:

    I have 10k lapis and Zeno and Akstar are going to be on that 5 star guaranteed banner. Should I roll?

  21. Sinisterblade27 より:

    Still can’t log in on my iPad mini 4, either way thank howl for the amazing vid it’s sure is so helpful, il do everything u said once they fix this problem I HAVE HOPE!

  22. mirokou67 より:

    Pulled 66 3rd tix. Got 1 uoc,2 prism moogles, 3 4* ex tix, and 50 trust coins. Plus lots of ore. Gonna be going hard on this.

  23. john robinson より:

    They should always have a few top tier items in the King Mog shop like this.

  24. Beard_Grizzly より:

    Jeepers… That’s a combo and a half for Charlotte. I just got the uoc. Gonna farm up those three 150k’s next.

  25. Just Me より:

    i think they make it so expensive so newer player will buy lapis for the cg summon bundles to get more bonus units…

  26. Final SeeD より:

    I got 25% SPR & 15% HP

    I’ll take it!!! 28 hours of farming this God damn Spiritual Sword. I’m NEVER doing Castle Melfikya ever AGAIN!!!!…..jk :]

  27. Octopus Guy より:

    rest well, young king

  28. Erwin Hariyanto より:

    I am newbie just comeback a week ago, now I have 230.000 points, should I go for UoC tickets or focusing on weapon/Abillity?

  29. mugendono23 より:

    With the first batch of tickets and the 50 from KM i got 2 uoc and a 5*

  30. Rafli Darmawan より:

    Why can’t i log in to my ffbe

  31. Sonder より:

    That and the sword for Magic Tank, Obviously for Charlotte, so prepare yourselfs for that!

  32. Dozer 985 より:

    3rd anniversary tickets gifted me a trust moogle container. still shocked. i have a 7* noctis so this container will be collecting some dust

  33. pandoraheartsvd より:

    I got two unit of choice tickets from the 3rd anniversary summon.

  34. RyanNickelsPK より:

    Ive got crap pulls from my 3rd anniversary tickets so far. no uoc, no prisms, no 5ex….. laaaame

  35. Olivier Pelletier より:

    Going to get them all I think. I got a full 7* team to farm those and hopefully, Ill get lucky with those bonus mobs. Only dumb thing of course, from Gumi, is how they simply increased their cost. Totally dumb. And the rate at which I get bonus mobs is fluctuating, depending on the event. The before last event, I barely got any bonus ones at LGD. Then, the last one, I had bonus mobs every 2 fights …and now again, I barely get any of those. I dunno how they program their shit, but they fail.

  36. Michael Fuller より:

    From my few attempts, already got a UOC and Prism.

  37. BroswithBeerandPants Sometimes より:

    I got two prism moogles and one UOC from 3rd anniversary tickets so pretty damn lucky I guess

  38. BRIAN WALKER より:

    The prices on these items are TOTAL BS! 2 weeks to farm that many points will be EXTREMELY difficult for any player NOT willing or able to lapis refresh there energy on a constant basis.

  39. Leopold より:

    I read on reddit that this 3rd anniversary is very lackluster and a disappointment.

  40. Troy Addict より:

    I have a full teams of 7 star CG units no money was hurt

    If I got them I’m sure at least 90%+ have at least 6 star version to make a full team and even if they don’t missing one of two and using a friend 7 star one is just enough

    I got two UOC tickets and a empty trust moogles thing and I got5 star ex ticket I’m not lying bro I can show you it all if I can

  41. Joel Robertson より:

    Damn didnt know the drop rates were so low for the good stuff. With 150 tickets i got 2 uocs 1 prism moogle and a 5* ex. Hoping my luck is good on the next run of tickets but i wont hold my breath

  42. Kevin Johnson より:

    It would be cool to do a video on what are the best tmrs to use with that prism moogle. Like limited time ones.. or whatever

  43. Daniel Knueppel より:

    Angel flute is a great one handed instrument for the spirit materia

  44. Kedolan より:

    I haven’t been following the Charlotte hype train, so I’m glad you pointed out that the sword is so good for her, and that she’s so close to release. I had been trying to figure out who would want a spirit sword, and kind of scratching my head a bit on it, lol!

  45. Ronald hicksII より:

    Howl and Final Fantasy community Chocobo rain can also use Rain old equipment sword accessory and armor and gets the Buffs from them so if you can’t get the armor or the helmet at least you can still used rains old equipment.

  46. Toxic11 より:

    .2% chance for UoC to drop? So far I got 4 of them from the banner. Guess I’m just really lucky. No prism moogles though.

  47. Vic 7u7 より:

    When is CG Charlotte coming? qwp

  48. Paulostore より:

    About the instrument matéria MYRIA will live it