FFBE Christmas 2020 Pull, Banner Review, and Tips (#1210)






Hi guys it’s Christmas time again XD, it’s been 4 years!!!! I didn’t review the banner properly since the info was not there before, but now here are my opinion for the banner. I also do a Christmas pull even when I don’t think Eldryn is that good, it’s for your Christmas entertainment XD. Thanks for watching.
[00:00] Banner Review
[03:24] Let’s Pull


  1. Peter Levithan より:

    Boy, quit your bitching & enjoy your new STMR’s

  2. Edy Khang より:

    Got eldryn from dark vision ticket. I want to ask, is possible to get nva kryla without spend lapis? Any free source other than trust coin and 10tickets? Assume gonna to use stmr, then 500 lapis for 5fragment?

  3. topasilink より:

    Used 22 tickets; got every christmas unit, even Eldryn, except for Kryla because of course.

  4. RiouMcDohl26 より:

    Merry Christmas! I Also pulled the same amount and got a NV offbaner, but enough Christines and Krylas to awaken them to NVA +2. Also the offbanner was Elena, who is a bonus unit for this event so I’m happy with the result.

  5. King Cobra より:

    “Whats wrong with this game?!”

    Its a gacha, thats whats wrong with it. Lol

  6. Heza より:

    Merry Christmas G4g, enjoyed these video im looking forward for Eldryn review.

  7. DestinyAwakened より:

    Merry Christmas G4G! You didn’t have to suffer for us though, what a disappointing banner this is! lol Congrats on your Terra and (eventual) Kryla though!

    I had a 7* Kryla already. Pulled one from the daily 250 summon and another within about 4 tickets and got the hell out of there! Haha.

  8. Adm Ibn より:

    -__- aw man. . Really confused which one of winter unit that good. Only have 1 Transcension Pearl and i have 10 or more Ascension Pearl.

  9. Imozart0341I より:

    Gumi is crazy, 11 turns for her get her brave shift?! It’s like they’re scared for characters to be good.

  10. RocketPawnch より:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

  11. Unknown Alien より:

    2 multis and 10 tickets later and i got nv Locke 1 Kryla and 8 Christines… I think i can work with that xd. Still planning to do the 3rd and free multi.